Thursday, July 8, 2010


So Nick and I have an on going battle of who "loves" each other more... and the answer is usually "no way jose" or "no way josita"

Since my Jose is in Atlanta for the summer, we scheduled some fun visits about every other weekend.

This past weekend we went to Emerald Pointe in High Point NC. Need I remind you it was $th of July weekend. Despite the lines lasting about an hour per ride it was still pretty fun to hang out with the man and soak up some sun.

We came home that night and set off some huge/illegal fire works nick purchased from the bordering states. One set got so bright the street light shut off, and we had a crazy southern belle yell out of her trailer "put those things up!"

Nick's mom Karen, and I made some mouth watering BBQ courtesy of Stephanie Whitings homemade recipe. You marinate Pork loin or butt in Dr Pepper and worchestire sauce over night. The next day you throw in some garlic, onion, liquid smoke, and cook that sucker for 4 hours in a crock pot...

So it turned out to be a great weekend with my southern Jose