Friday, April 27, 2012

Sunday's with mr man

Nick usually stays pretty busy on the weekends, he is either working, studying or applying for a million different jobs but last Sunday he was not gonna have it.  It was 70 degrees and sunny so we decided to go on a picnic and break in our new corn hole boards and my new picnic basket.

I found this at world market!
My favorite lunch- turkey and white cheddar with spinach honey mustard and olive oil mayo on whole wheat toast
Nick kept taking pictures of me eating... he should know that not even a camera comes between me and food

I am one classy lady...
we got these for a great deal but as you can see they are not painted.  We are going to do Tar Heels theme.  I told Nick that one has to be pink :)

Did someone say chocolate?

My friend Sandy invited me to Lewisburg WV for a chocolate festival.  Well I was not about to say no to that.  We bought our tasting tickets and went to town

Take a look at the cute Jack Rogers I bought that day!   I am in LOVE  and my man candy isnt looking too bad either  :)
Sandy is 4.5 months preggers... how adorable does she look!
Random forest fires we saw on our way there

Really scary man on stilts...  I am not a fan

We bought ten tasting tickets and that was plenty!  Holy hannah I was so done with chocolate after this trip.  But it was so great to see Sandy, she and I have been friends since birth literally, we are only 8 days apart.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I miss Mayberry...where everything was black and white

For Easter Nick and I went to his home town Mt Airy NC.. also known as Mayberry from the Andy Griffith Show.  It was such a fun weekend.

we started off our Saturday morning helping Nick's brother put up some dog "lots" at his new house.  Then Nick and I went to the Old North State Winery for lunch.

Look at this rockin sandwich  and the potato salad was to die for.  I loved all the wood and the space and I told Nick that if he ever gets his act together that I would love to have a wedding reception there

We went walking around downtown Mt Airy and smelled the most amazing smell.  It was this bakery.  It has only been open for three months but business is booming (my pictures were taken when the 10 people buying pies left)

That is a pie maker in the window making baby pies

We scored a moonshine apple pie, a chocolate pie, and a baby pecan pie

We also did some thrifting.   Nick and I had a $5 challenge.  Who could find the best item for $5
Nick found Micheal Jordan

i found a real alligator bag.  it was a lot over budget

ladle boob chef

On Sunday we all had to hide the Easter eggs for the kids to find
Nick and his nephew William

Monday, April 16, 2012

85 degrees and a pair of jacks

Hello gorgeous Monday! I loved waking up to your sunshine and knowing I could slip on a sun dress and my new pair of jack Rogers!!!!

Let's appreciate I got these puppies for $35. It makes me lkie them even more :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The sexiness of happiness

Yesterday I went to Walmart for work and I was poking around the dollar spot.  I came across this adorable little item.  I stuck it on my desk and I kid you not it put me in such a great mood.  It is amazing what a few positive words can do.  

This morning as I was perusing Facebook, a friend of mine posted this great article. 

15 Ways Happiness is Sexy

1. Happy people are confident.

And confident people are sexy. They are not cocky and show-offy, but know their strengths, build upon them, and appreciate them.

2. Stagnation is unattractive.

Growth is very attractive. Happy people grow. They stretch and challenge themselves. How sexy is that!

3. Happy people take care of themselves.

So do sexy people. Sexy people care about their health. They recognize their bodies are the vehicles by which they will accomplish great things. So they take care of that vehicle.

4. Self-obsessed people are very unsexy.

But happy people are giving and thoughtful. They spend more time looking at others and their needs than in the mirror at receding hairlines or crooked noses.

5. Happy people care.

Caring is sexy. Indifference is decidedly not very sexy at all. Indifference is mental laziness and moral sloppiness.

6. Passion is hot.

Passion is what happy people are all about. They love life and love living it. They do things that excite them and get excited about the things they do. Very sexy, indeed!

7. Happy people are loving people.

Love is such a sexy thing. It just feels good to love and be loved. Think about hate and selfishness and unkindness and the rest of love’s antonyms: Not very attractive qualities at all.

8. Happy people have fun.

Fun is sexy too. Sexy people play. Happy people play. Regularly “letting down your hair” and rolling around on the floor with your kids is extremely sexy … and fun … and happiness-inducing. So be sexy and happy and have some fun!

9. Sexy people laugh.

So do happy people! Laughter, as a matter of fact, is one of the sexiest qualities a person can have. The cranky and irritable don’t make for very sexy company.

10. There’s not much that’s sexier than sincerity.

Someone who doesn’t really listen, who pretends to be interested, is a huge turnoff.

11. Blame is ugly.

Happy people are self-responsible. They accept responsibility for their own actions – both failures and successes. They accept responsibility for their own emotions and attitudes too. They don’t use phrases like, “You made me mad!” or “Look how you’re making me feel!” They know they own their own feelings. Nothing sexier than that!

12. Happy people don’t whine or complain.

Neither do sexy people. They see the best and are proactive. They don’t sit around whining about why things never work out for them. They decide what needs to be done and they do it. They don’t see life as something others do to them. They engage it and make something of it. Whiners and complainers don’t do much else than whine and complain. If you want sexy, stay away from whiners and complainers!

13. Laziness is definitely unsexy.

And happy people are decidedly not a bunch of TV-watching time-wasters either. Sexy, happy people are shakers and movers. They get things done. Action is almost a synonym for the happy and sexy crowd!

14. Sexy people are polite.

They are thoughtful and kind. Those who are brash and rude and ill-mannered are in no way sexy at all. If you want to increase your sexy quotient, treat others politely.

15. There is great sexiness in being trusting and trustworthy.

Happy people are both trusting of others and worthy of their trust. Suspicious, distrustful people are patently not very sexy. Nor are liars. To be able to place total confidence in a person’s word is very, very sexy.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Le Weekend- naps, calories and a whole lot of cuddling

This weekend Nick and I just stuck around the neighborhood instead of traveling somewhere.  

I took about 7 naps within a two day span.  Church was on TV so I decided to make some monkey bread in hopes I would be able to stay awake...  adverse reaction.   I made it 20 minutes before I was unconscious

This is the life of  my cat..
mama has a new pair of shoes... hello gorgeous leopard print flats
Nick and I hit up buffalo wild wings after I spent a fortune at the J Crew outlet... I shall be posting pictures of the cutest trench coat you have ever seen
Nick and I hit up the putting green,  we made some bets...  guess who one herself some SweetFrog and an ice cream sundae....  yes  I hide my golfing skills for moments like that  :)   
I made this puppy with my own two hands!  Say hello to 4 cans of rolls and a stick and a half of butter
I purposely chose not to include how much butter it took to make that masterpiece
If you promise not to judge, I will share with you that we at 3/4 of that thing...   I am still nauseous 
A typical night,  Gia and I competing for Nick's attention   It seems Angry Birds always wins
I made Nick take me on a walk to try and burn off some calories

My cute little nephew... he and I have an appreciation for naps