Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lovers Weekend in Richmond

We went to the Virginia Derby for a few hours shhhh we bet on a few horses... it was just a couple dollars... this was when I thought we won some money hahaha... please appreciate my gorgeous new pearl earrings and bracelet from Nicholai... LOVE THEM. I forgot to take pictures of the boat shoes I got Nick as well as the Adele CD, mine isn't as romantic as Nick's but he has been wearing those shoes everyday so I think I did alright :)
The racing began
The lady from Secretariat! the real one!
me and a fake horse.... PS those are the Jcrew shoes I got 2 weeks ago from Mr Man
I love this picture... even though we were sweating so badly... PS is he not the most adorable chico?... what at cutie pie
We did a canal ride... it was hotter than a mother on that thing... whew

We found this little restaurant called the Tobacco Company... we didn't have time to eat there but it is on the list for when we come back to Richmond

Well my memory card was full so I didn't get to take pictures of the holocaust museum or this incredible garden (Maymont) or cheesecake factory.... HEAVEN!!!!!!!! I am still eating bites of my vanilla bean cheesecake ... I don't feel as guilty about it if its over a few days

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

This will be a quick one since I have to go teach my spin class in like 15 minutes.
1) My friend Debbie found out she is having a baby girl!!! Just like she wanted soooo we get to make a million little crafts for this child
2) I got a hair cut and color.... Dear heavens I look a lot better I didnt realize how badly I let myself go, I stopped get checked out by people at wal mart! So I went and did the wal-,mart test to day and I'm BACK! (I am legit not that conceided I promise, I just felt like being a little whitty and a tad honest :))
3)I went to the dentist today and I have perfect teeth!! woot woot... the wisdom teeth get to stay in my mouth and I dont have to pay for fillings... NOTTA!
4) Tomorrow is FRIDAY
5) This weekend is mine and Nick's anniversary... 4 years people!! I was hoping for some bling a ling but I have a feeling its not gonna happen... but you can wear your pj's backwards and make a wish for me anyways :)

6) My spin class is growing!! woop woop If anyone has any music suggestions PLEASE let me know... I am getting sick of my mixes

7) Care packages from my sister-in-law ... I will have to take pictures of the poka dot bakeware she got me... to die for

8) Craft night with the McCurdy's!! and Debbie is making my favorite food taquitos!

9) The weather is only low 80's instead of 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMEN to that

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm a sewing MACHINE....

First to cut your pillow form out on your fabric, then lay a piece of texture magic on top, figure out what kind of design you would like. The larger the design the less scrunched the fabric gets
This is found at quilting stores, its called texture magic... its awesome!!

I forgot to take a picture of me sewing, but you sew along your design lines, mine were in a diamond pattern
The next step is to hold your iron over the fabric (DO NOT TOUCH IRON TO FABRIC) and steam the crap out of it... I steamed so much my mom's fire alarm went off... twice
Just keep on steaming... and steaming...
VOILA!!!! Awesome looking fabric, Next step is to sew the rest of your pillow (like the back)

Here are two little beauties that I whipped up on my weekend home ... I am quite proud.... Nick doesnt really appreciate them since they take up a bunch of room on the couch and I forbid him to use them as pillows.... Men just do not understand...
Also please appreciate the McCalls pattern laying on the couch... that is 1 of many wedding dress patterns my mom has for my future... yup I am officially "that girl"

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Bonjour Mes Amis!
I have actually remembered to do my thankful Thursday and for that I am Thankful :)
1) I got to visit the fam over the week... I think my brother should ship my neices and nephew to me.... I LOVE THEM!
2) My boyfriend is the cutest thing ever! When I got back from my trip I was greeted with a JCREW bag.. inside... 1 seer sucker bathing suit andddddddddddd a-frickin-dorable grey heels that will be posted shortly... if that doesnt score him some brownie points I dont know what will
3) I got to spend some time with my friend Sandy who I have barely seen since high school ... we picked up exactly where we left off
4) Carbona stain remover- Look it up if you dont know what I am talking about.. The cute little chico in my pictures decided to squeeze some mulberry's on his aunt katies shirt... her ruffly pink shirt that looks awesome with everything and made her super sad when she found berry stains all over her after she was already sitting down at the cutest little restaurant... I have had carbona soaking on this shirt for 24 hours... and NO STAIN it is seriously incredible
5) Fruit Salsa... Nicks cousin-in-law made us some last week and we pounded it down... She served it with cinnamon sugar tortilla chips... HEAVEN
6)My mom- she was so dang cute when I was home We got to spend 2 hours in JoAnne Fabrics. She was probably like like "my daughter had the noodle dream!" (Kung Fu Panda reference for those of you not cool enough to have seen it) except insert and substitute "noodle" with "crafting"
7) Abbotts Frozen Custard- Its a hometown favorite... it is seriously the greatest thing to ever touch my lips and they now make it in cookies and cream flavor!!!!!!!! woot woot!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My visit home!!

Oh how I miss the lake
And my best friend Ben
And my mom, and Abbott's Frozen custard
And my little nephews kisses
The contents of my purse strewn about...
Love these kiddos
He was a little parched
As was Sam

He just loved posing like this

This boy is just way too cute
Me and my 11 year old niece who is taller than me

Aunt Katie getting her loving from Ethan

I was able to fly home for the long weekend and visit my super cute family and friends. It was soooooooo refreshing to be home. I was able to spend a day and a half just playing around with the kiddos and getting frizzy hair and dirty fingernails. I also got to spend the whole day with my best friend Ben at six flags (Can I just brag that I went on every roller coaster, that is quite the feat for me). Then my mom and I were able to go shopping and she bought me... wait for it A SEWING MACHINE!!!!!!!!! I am so pumped. On our trip I also scored 2 Loft dresses and some banana republic shoes. SUCCESS Good thing I was driving back down to the VA with my best friend Sandy and I could load all my crap in the back of her car. She and I got to spend 10 hours talking... literally all 10 hours of the drive it was fabulous!

But I will say I did miss Nick... and I got some awesome welcome home loving... He took me out to dinner at Macado's (Sorry no pics, I was looking a little rough after the car ride) and we ate on the balcony and watched the fireworks can we please say ROMANTIC ... I know I am a lucky kid

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!!