Thursday, March 29, 2012

Awesome and awkward

  1. Feeling the need to go to sleep at 10pm
  2. Getting to the movie theater an hour early to get into the hunger games and giving dirty looks to anyone who even looked like they were going to cut the line
  3. Having a middle schooler check you out and say "daaaannnggg"-  yeah I was just in his class for work two weeks ago...
  4. Having UNC lose...  The guy who caused Kendall Marshall to break his wrist deserves a swift kick in the fruit basket
  5. Planning to drive to Tennessee for Nick's niece's baptism... we were suppose to leave at 8:30... well Nick came over to take a shower and he told me he had a headache and asked me to go get him some Excedrin,  I get back and the poor guy is curled up on my bed ...  soooo about 2 hours, 4 pills, and like 10 hot wash clothes later Nick was able to stand up and get dressed without barfing.  So I am driving and Nick is holding a barf bag on his lap... the longest 3.5 hours of both of our lives.


I made this for free on facebook... and yes it is nerdy and yes I judge myself
my E.L.F came!!!!
I love it!!!
My sister-in-law sent this to me out of the blue!!  The feathers are little measuring spoons
Draw Something with Nick!  hahaha he is pretty talented
My hunger games outfit!   Te dress is from Forever 21, and the shoes are Jessica Simpson
$12!!!  I love them!!  and that is Essie Cute as a Button on my toes :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Awesome and Awkward


  1. Brushing your teeth so loud you don't hear that someone is behind you... turn around and stab yourself in the throat with your toothbrush...
  2. Being so obsessed with Crystal Light that you have to make a bathroom trip every 45 minutes... pregnancy rumors start that way!  I have had to limit myself
  3. When your lips forget how to drink ... and you dribble water ALL the way down your shirt.  There is no recovering from that... everyone knows what you did
  4. Having my fake tanner on... no AC and a leather couch=    a slippery mess
  5. Teaching an un-air conditioned spin class and slipping off of the handle bars...  good thing my class know's that I am that girl...
  6. My wisdom teeth make me never want to eat or chew gum again.  Did anyone else's take like 10 years to grow in?  cause these suckers have been working their way up since High School.

  1. Essie Cute as a Button
  2. my new blog layout is almost done!!  hooray!
  3. Wacky Wednesday at Domino's means no cooking for Katie yesterday!!
  4. Nick finally got an iPhone!!   welcome Nick, welcome.
  5. Nick and I sitting next to each other playing scramble and draw me for an hour and half ... had no clue so much time had gone by
  6. I am going to be on the radio for work!!
  7. Nick's niece is getting baptized this weekend
  8. Pictures like this of my nephew   STUD... hands off ladies   

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

E.L.F .... what are your thoughts?

Train Case  $12

Contouring Blush-  Apparently it almost lives up to the Nars "Orgasm" blush  $3

I think I am the most excited about this puppy  $8

A friend told me about a free shipping deal that E.L.F was having.   I was pretty skeptical but I headed over to the website...  well I became a sucker

1FREESHIP Free Shipping!
12007 Brightening Eye Color Drama
183601 blushed/bronzed
185011 Kabuki Face Brush
181121 Sand Dollar
181245 Natural Glow
121101 Silver Train
186601 Glow
Total: $34.00

And I already  have another shopping bag full of stuff but I told myself I need to hold off until I try out the products.

Have you ever used E.L.F?   What are your thoughts?  Any must haves?


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Le weekend- carriages, pork butt and a fry meltdown

On Friday, Nick and I just went out for sushi and did a quick trip to Walmart to grab a few movies.   We popped in one Flew over the Coo coo's nest.   It was pretty depressing and makes you so mad to know the mistreatment that happened in mental institutions.

Saturday, I got up and taught my spin class   (a sold out show :))  and got ready to head to Roanoke to run some errands.  I had to drop off my boots at the shoe repair because my face wash decided to leak in my bag with my JCrew boots... it was a sad sad day.  So pray for me and my boots and that they will be able to be fixed!   

Nick and I headed to downtown Roanoke to check out the st Patty's festival.  Since neither of us drink it was pretty uneventful.   We did see an awesome shirt.  "We want da gold" with the hand drawn leprechaun from the Youtube video.  Hands down that was the best obnoxious T shirt

I stopped in Kohls to grab some new workout pants (the Fila are amazing!  they give me a tush)  and then to Sally's to grab a glass nail file which apparently prevents your nails from peeling...  hmmm I shall put that to the test cause mine peel like an orange.

My final stop was to Plato's closet on accident.  Nick wanted to go to this fishing outlet store and low and behold we pull up and there is a Plato's right next to it!  So fishing or clothes... fishing or clothes....  So ended up walking out of there with 3 dresses (2 from express), shorts, a scarf and Jessica Simpson shoes ($12).  SCORE

(Preface, Nick and I had been having a "discussion" about politics and my view on war for like an hour and a half... so I was not in the happiest of moods)  We went to Awful Arthur's for some seafood.  So I have been looking forward to the Black and Blue Tuna all day... we get there and there are no fries...NONE in the whole place.  Since most people do not know that french fries are almost next to cereal for greatest food ever invented... I had a little meltdown...  to the point that I could see Nick was questioning our relationship  hahahah.   I was so livid for some reason..  So basically I ruined the rest of the evening.  We ate in almost silence and then I had a choice between going salsa dancing or going home.   Crabby McCrabby pants chose going home.   So we drive home neither of us in a good mood from my behavior.  We got home and decided that we wanted to go hang out with Kenson and Ashley...   well at 2:30 am I realized that I had passed out like mid sentence...  There was a reason for all of the madness!!  I was a six year old who had not gotten her nap

Sunday Nick and I went to church.  We made a quick lunch and Nick started prepping for his job interview.  Kenson and Ashley invited us over to watch the Carolina game at 5:30.  So at about 4 I am restless,  I have done everything except scrub the toilet so I tip toe over to Nick, do a hair flip and take a seat on his lap.   I did a little eye lash flutter and asked if we could go for a walk because I was going crazy.   It was all about the hair flip ladies...  so we went on a walk.

We watched Carolina win and for my lover (Kendall Marshall) to break his wrist... there goes our shot at the championship...

Then everyone came back to my house for BBQ, cookies and movie....

Le weekend= Le success

My outfit on Friday for sushi

Sunday walk with nick
Some Irish music at the St patty's festival
Awkward couple portrait...
The Well's Fargo carriage at the festival,   I did look a little more put together with a cardigan and belt but it ended up being like 85 so that is why my purse looks like it is about to pop
A smooch on our walk
A gorgeous day
The BBQ waiting for us to shred after our walk

Friday, March 16, 2012

Awesome and awkward

  • Waking up to find huge clumps of fur on my floor= cat fight= pissed Katie
  • Teaching a spin class and literally gagging because someone decided to let one out... and the fan blow right in my direction....
  • Walking naked (covered in tanning lotion, I do not just like walking around in the nude) from my room to the bathroom and realizing my front window blinds are open... and when I say open I mean pulled up ... maybe someone will leave me a tip in my mailbox for the show
  • Getting home from a work trip and calling Nick so he can decide what to eat, and I say no to everything like an 8 year old... poor guy.  I was just not going to be satisfied
  • Running on the treadmill at the hotel and all of a sudden I feel like my insides are going to drop out of me...  Run to the closest bathroom.  Proceed to break out into a cold sweat debate whether or not to lie down on a public bathroom floor.   Thankfully I talked myself out of that one.
  • That moment you realize that your face is screaming all the judgy comments you have been thinking

  • Getting to go to Richmond for work which means I get to go to Forever 21!

Scored this cute dress for $14... please excuse my hair... This was the same day as the bathroom incident and the freakish 86 degree day
Cher thought my curtain was the other cat (Gia) and she was freaking out and accidentally scratched her self...  honey child left blood all over my bed.

This was my best effort in helping her and it lasted about 3.2 seconds
Some adorable dresses I  found at a boutique in Short Pump... hello Spring Sale... all dresses ended up being $20!   SCORE
  • Some great news about Nick and his job searching.... 1 includes a job in my home town!!! CRAZY
  • Blueberry  kashi waffles
  • Debbie went to Boston and brought back like 800 Essie's    I love her!
  • Debbie also made me some German Pancakes...  they are my newest guilty pleasure
  • Incredible weather!!!  omg it makes me so happy to be outside and be able to finally use my sunroof!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend wonders

Nick and I have been traveling a ton lately and it seems as if we never have a weekend to just RELAX and catch up on life.  Well this was the weekend... it was fabulous.   On Friday Nick picked me up and we drove to Lynchburg and went out to eat at Jimmy's on the James which was super delish and had the best live music I have ever experienced.  The owner is a 50 something white guy with a smoking habit that gives him a smokey sexy voice and pipes that Sinatra would appreciate.  Nick's coworker and his girlfriend (Joe and Alyse) are rock stars on the salsa dance floor.  So we walked over to the dance studio where they go to dance and we got our groove on.  Nick and I are a little awkward but it was still so fun.  Alyse helped me out and taught me some cute ways to shake it.

The next morning I had to teach spin and Nick wanted to go workout so we both headed over to the gym where I teach.  After class Nick and I headed to a local coffee place for some bagels.
Then I spent the afternoon cleaning my casa, primping, napping, snacking, and bother Nick while he was working on his investing blog.  

Then we headed out to hibachi with Kenson and Ashley.  Which was delish and I finished every bite as did Nick.  But about an hour later Nick got really sick.  And I got to hear him puke quite a few times... I can mark that off our relationship list.   Somehow I kept it together and didn't gag, barf or run away screaming.

Sunday we had church, then Nick and I came home and chilled on my couch.  I ate some Kashi blueberry pancakes and decided they are my new addiction holy delish!!!!
Then I helped Nick with his blog.  We headed over to Kenson and Ashleys and had a cookie tasting contest.  Ashley makes some of the best cookies I have ever tasted.  She tried a new recipe and wanted to compare it to our favorite.   The old one won.  And this is the reason I have gained 3 pounds in the last 2 weeks... not cool.

In case I forgot to post, I now have two cats.  One is Cher and she is like 14  and has diabetes and is the biggest diva I have ever met.   The second one is our foster cat.  Nick and I found her geocaching about a year and a half ago and we have yet to find her some new parents.  She was previously living with Nick but he is never at his house except to sleep and we just felt so bad leaving her there all by herself all day so she is living with me.

It has been like having two toddlers running around my house.  Toys under the couches and random fighting breaks out.  There are some peaceful times and in those times I try to take a picture so I can reassure myself that it will only get better hahahaha

he would probably hurt me if he knew I posted this puppy online  hahaha   Gia loves to sit on his lap when he is on the computer and Cher likes to perch anywhere
Cher also likes man parts...this is how she decided to lay down and watch modern family with us...
Good times

PS  I am not crazy cat lady!!!   They have just been so much drama this past week that it consumes all of my thoughts

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

Hello strangers... sorry I have been M.I.A for the past week but ehhh life goes on.


  1. Being so hungry that I rush into my kitchen open the fridge and slam down a piece of pizza before I even get the bread in the toaster to make a sandwich...
  2. Sitting in staff meeting going over schedules and your name is announced for a training 3 hours away next week and you reply "huh?"..."I didn't know I was attending that..." and then your supervisor shoots you the look of death because he forgot to tell you about it and the big boss is sitting at the other end of the table...  come on Katie... think on your feet!
  3. Swearing there has to be a child inside of me for the ridiculous cravings and amounts of food I have been consuming
  4. 12am  Hearing my cat start to barf... throw her off the bed...2 am same...  4am.. same  poor thing... She was flying through the air as cat food is rising in her throat... yes I am a bad cat mama
  5. Having face wash spill on my J crew boots and bleach the color off of them... I am not sure when i have been more angry at an inanimate object
Finding this when I get home from lunch....


  1. Getting to go to Forever 21!!!!!!!!!!!!  omg I was so excited... count your lucky stars if you live close to one because I have quite the drive... but it is so worth it
  2. Eating brunch with Mr.Man
  3. Modern Family - it completes my week

Having girls night all by myself when Nick was gone

The BEST brownie sundae I have ever eaten...  Homemade chocolate sauce... Yeah buddy 
Me cheesing it up 

Nick on his sugar high

Cutie pie

My first experience with chicken and waffles and it was so soo sooooo good..   Holy yum    more so the waffle than the chicken but still 

Nicks crab cake eggs Benedict nonsense  -  you could not pay me enough to try that

The wonderful world of Essie... I'm rocking "watermelon" on my toes

A few nights ago I begged and pleaded for Nick to go get me some Oreo's and he would not... probably because it was like 11pm at this point.  So yesterday I was helping Nick with this video thing he is adding to his resume and when we were done he says "now your prize is in my bag..."  A PRESENT FOR MOI!!??  I start digging through his bag and found that he bought me some Oreo's at work that morning!  He is a keeper

I have flown through 4 seasons of Gossip Girl in like 3 weeks.  How  pathetic....   Side note-  Nick was working on his resume (again) and so my time is filled with watching meaningless shows like such.  So I keep noticing Nick getting distracted watching the show... so after a while he turns to me and says.. "I can't stop watching... I feel like I need to know what happens"  BAHAHAHAHA

I am loving working with Dear Darling on my new blog layout!!!  ahhh I am so excited

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Awesome and Awkward Thursday


1. Peanut butter m&m pancakes...
2. Getting pictures like these of my niece and nephew
3. Nick's cousin picked up Cher from the vet for me and sent me this... his wife got a little defensive  lol

4. Hearing a knock at my front door at 1:30 am... from to the door in my striped pj's and eye cream to find my boyfriend who comes in and tackles me with smooches to thank me for deep cleaning his car while he was at work....  LOVE HIM!

5. 70 degree weather

6.  In the process of getting my blog made over!!!  AHHH  so excited


1. Cher deciding that we both need to watch Downton Abbey like this....  FML

2.  Spending way too much money at the vet to get two teeth pulled

3. I now have two cats... I inherited the cat Nick had at his house that we found on a cliff a year and a half ago...  nick is never home so I decided that Gia would be better off at my house.   I am 23, unmarried, and have 2 cats....  next I will be driving an Oldsmobile and going to the Dollar store in my curlers and house shoes...

4.Hearing your neighbors talking outside of your bathroom window....  Pretty much I can assume they can hear me flush the toilet....AWKWARD

5.  Pulling up next to someone at a stop light and they are digging for treasure ike they aren't surrounded my 8 windows....  use your brain honey....  everyone around you is judging you just like when you pulled that stunt in the 2nd grade.... nose picking= never cool