Thursday, March 8, 2012

Awkward and Awesome

Hello strangers... sorry I have been M.I.A for the past week but ehhh life goes on.


  1. Being so hungry that I rush into my kitchen open the fridge and slam down a piece of pizza before I even get the bread in the toaster to make a sandwich...
  2. Sitting in staff meeting going over schedules and your name is announced for a training 3 hours away next week and you reply "huh?"..."I didn't know I was attending that..." and then your supervisor shoots you the look of death because he forgot to tell you about it and the big boss is sitting at the other end of the table...  come on Katie... think on your feet!
  3. Swearing there has to be a child inside of me for the ridiculous cravings and amounts of food I have been consuming
  4. 12am  Hearing my cat start to barf... throw her off the bed...2 am same...  4am.. same  poor thing... She was flying through the air as cat food is rising in her throat... yes I am a bad cat mama
  5. Having face wash spill on my J crew boots and bleach the color off of them... I am not sure when i have been more angry at an inanimate object
Finding this when I get home from lunch....


  1. Getting to go to Forever 21!!!!!!!!!!!!  omg I was so excited... count your lucky stars if you live close to one because I have quite the drive... but it is so worth it
  2. Eating brunch with Mr.Man
  3. Modern Family - it completes my week

Having girls night all by myself when Nick was gone

The BEST brownie sundae I have ever eaten...  Homemade chocolate sauce... Yeah buddy 
Me cheesing it up 

Nick on his sugar high

Cutie pie

My first experience with chicken and waffles and it was so soo sooooo good..   Holy yum    more so the waffle than the chicken but still 

Nicks crab cake eggs Benedict nonsense  -  you could not pay me enough to try that

The wonderful world of Essie... I'm rocking "watermelon" on my toes

A few nights ago I begged and pleaded for Nick to go get me some Oreo's and he would not... probably because it was like 11pm at this point.  So yesterday I was helping Nick with this video thing he is adding to his resume and when we were done he says "now your prize is in my bag..."  A PRESENT FOR MOI!!??  I start digging through his bag and found that he bought me some Oreo's at work that morning!  He is a keeper

I have flown through 4 seasons of Gossip Girl in like 3 weeks.  How  pathetic....   Side note-  Nick was working on his resume (again) and so my time is filled with watching meaningless shows like such.  So I keep noticing Nick getting distracted watching the show... so after a while he turns to me and says.. "I can't stop watching... I feel like I need to know what happens"  BAHAHAHAHA

I am loving working with Dear Darling on my new blog layout!!!  ahhh I am so excited


  1. girl, i've been eating like crazy lately too!

    & i love gossip girl!

    1. I hope it is just something in the air because I am going to look like a balloon soon!!

  2. GOSSIP GIRRRRRRRL. omg i love it and I love chuck because Dan turned into such a woman.
    ugh so much drama! i love it so much.
    p.s. austin did the same thing nick did :)