Monday, October 15, 2012

Falling for Fall

I know I know... it's so cliche to love fall.  But I LOVE FALL!!!!!!!

Boots, scarves, leggings, jackets, doughnuts, cider, hocus pocus, pumpkins, the thought of thanksgiving, my birthday! campfires and sooo much more   

Nick and I started on our Fall TO DO list

We met the 3 little pigs
Here we are waiting in line for some fried goodness

Our first try at fried oreos

I am quite scarred at this point... but they turned out to be decent...

Then we went and picked some pumpkins...  I think mine is beautiful.. 

Love him!
Here we are mid-corn maze

Nick was not happy that bird was putting the moves on me
solving some puzzles
I got to shoot some corn
Here I am punkin' chunkin'
Look who we found on the side of the road!
This picture cracks me up so I had to post it
We finished off the weekend by trying to fish... well if you can see that little stream there was no current so we caught no fish :(  but I did get to try out my new pink fishing rod, each a ton of cheese and crackers and catch up on my Pinterest while Mr. Man tried to catch us a fish

Awesome weekend!!

Did you guys do any fall fun?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Awesome and awkward. It's back!!


Nick made me pancakes when I went to visit him... guys this is a HUGE step... homeboy does not cook

Nough said...  we were all dying when we saw this at work

Having a GREAT hair day...  I love some hot rollers


Brunch with this guy!

Getting to work at a golf tournament all day for work!  Hello free tan and free lunch

Homemade chocolate chip cookie!!!

Going to the fair...but not winning anything

Finishing Ragnar!!!

My little nephew turned 3!!!

I just love his cute little self.


My tire exploding on my way to teach Body Attack...Thank goodness someone stopped to help me because I was all kinds of pissed

Baby Pig racing at the Fair... yes it was my favorite part but it still goes under the awkward... I mean, its pig racing...

Sold at Walmart... 

What the h-e double hockey sticks is this crap!!!???   

NO- stop trying to make car lashes happen... its not going to happen

Sleeping outside for Ragnar... too bad that was the best sleep I had for 72 hours...

Look what I walked in on....   It should be under the "awesome" section but I don't want you to think I am weird cat lady so alas.. it is under the awkward section

My neighbors.. the hoarders ... have added a new toy to their collection... what next??    send me some good guess... if you are right I will send you a gift.

Last but not least the mother load of awkward moments...

I was walking around the GAP with Nick... I went to go look at something on the girls side so I come back and I give "Nick" a little tap on the butt before putting my arm around it waist


I tapped the butt of a married man with kids!

I was mortified.  to the point I could barely talk because I was either going to be hysterically laughing or gagging from the embarrassment.

Anyone else have any good stories?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beach Bummin'

I have finally gotten around to putting my real camera pictures on my computer... why cant my entire life be as simple as the iPhone... come on apple

Here is Nick's nephew peeing on a tree because he couldn't make it back to the condo... I was dying haha

Lets appreciate Nick's porcelain skin.. he he 

Doing some boogie boarding

Playing with a water bouncy ball

Eating at our favorite pier

Kissy Kissy smoochy smoochy

Hey wind blown hair

I was not about to lose monkey in the middle


I could sit here all day everyday

My hot man candy

Hanging out at the roof top bar

Deep sea fishing...

The happy couple before the barf bags... the worst experience of my ENTIRE life...

Caught a shark!!!

Last day at the beach :(

I can NOT wait until next year... I think I just need to pick up and move to the beach