Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beach Bummin'

I have finally gotten around to putting my real camera pictures on my computer... why cant my entire life be as simple as the iPhone... come on apple

Here is Nick's nephew peeing on a tree because he couldn't make it back to the condo... I was dying haha

Lets appreciate Nick's porcelain skin.. he he 

Doing some boogie boarding

Playing with a water bouncy ball

Eating at our favorite pier

Kissy Kissy smoochy smoochy

Hey wind blown hair

I was not about to lose monkey in the middle


I could sit here all day everyday

My hot man candy

Hanging out at the roof top bar

Deep sea fishing...

The happy couple before the barf bags... the worst experience of my ENTIRE life...

Caught a shark!!!

Last day at the beach :(

I can NOT wait until next year... I think I just need to pick up and move to the beach

Monday, September 17, 2012

Ragnar is a comin'- Heaven help me

Guys,  the week has come!  Ragnar starts on Friday!!  Holy Cow.  I will be running 16. something miles... My team and I are called "Cake for breakfast"  We are running from Cumberland WV to Washington DC in 24 hours!  I am so excited/so nervous that when I think about it, it makes me have to pee.

We will be sleeping in vans... parking lots... and school gyms.  Pretty much I should feel like a legit runner after this.

So on Friday when you are sitting at your desk or on your couch please say a little prayer that I am not like this guy...

I just have to remember I get a T shirt and a medal.... anything is worth getting a medal. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Awesome and Awkward


  1. Moving Nick to Richmond...Arriving in Richmond at 12:30am.  Unloading a truck in the Lobby of Nick's apartment.  Finding out its the wrong apartment at 1am... wait for maintenance to open the right building... dragging all of his crap into the correct building... finding out they gave him the wrong apartment key... call maintenance again.. getting into his apartment at 3:30am... dumping his crap on the floor and crashing on a sheetless mattress...  The day before vacation

Clearly we were so excited to be moving at 1am...

2.The awkward moment when your bikini bottoms fall off when you are boogy boarding... I caught them every time!

3.Your heel getting stuck as you are walking on a deck... or a sidewalk...  gahhhh no more stilletto heels!!!

4. Having a water booger... yeah it happened, I am not proud

5. Nick informed me that I have really bad morning breath...

6. Walking in my room to find this...  I am just speechless
7. Realizing that I will only be seeing Nick on the weekends...   HORRIBLE...
8. Breaking out in a crazy rash from a disease for infants... (I do not want to actually tell you what I caught...but I need to wear long sleeves and a glove)

  1. Going to the beach
  2. Eating delish crab... it only happens once a year
  3. Exploring downtown Richmond with Nick
  4. My coworker and I bring our deodorant to work with us because we always forget to put it on... I may or may not keep it with my makeup because I will NEVER forget my make up... priorities.
  5. I get to see Nick tonight!!!
  6. J Crew Sample sale tomorrow!!
  7. My little niece turns 5 today!!!
Does she not have the most beautiful hair you have ever seen!!??

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My favorite week of the year...Part one

I can't believe it but this is my 6th year going to myrtle beach with nick and his family. It is honestly one of my favorite weeks of the year. I time to relax and lay out on the beach, read some books....

But it wouldn't be my life unless some craziness was thrown in so for now enjoy the pictures of the happy times... Stay tuned for what else happened :)
After dinner at Murrels Inlet
Doing some boogy boarding
Nicks nieces
Ugliest sunglasses of my life...
After having lunch on the pier
Nick and I have a tradition of going to the arcades on the strip
The annual mini golf tournament
The beach... ahhhh
Another after dinner picture
Stealing a smooch

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Beach time... Talk to you in a week!

It's time for me to relax, tan, read, eat, shop and sooooo much more. See you guys on Monday!