Friday, September 14, 2012

Awesome and Awkward


  1. Moving Nick to Richmond...Arriving in Richmond at 12:30am.  Unloading a truck in the Lobby of Nick's apartment.  Finding out its the wrong apartment at 1am... wait for maintenance to open the right building... dragging all of his crap into the correct building... finding out they gave him the wrong apartment key... call maintenance again.. getting into his apartment at 3:30am... dumping his crap on the floor and crashing on a sheetless mattress...  The day before vacation

Clearly we were so excited to be moving at 1am...

2.The awkward moment when your bikini bottoms fall off when you are boogy boarding... I caught them every time!

3.Your heel getting stuck as you are walking on a deck... or a sidewalk...  gahhhh no more stilletto heels!!!

4. Having a water booger... yeah it happened, I am not proud

5. Nick informed me that I have really bad morning breath...

6. Walking in my room to find this...  I am just speechless
7. Realizing that I will only be seeing Nick on the weekends...   HORRIBLE...
8. Breaking out in a crazy rash from a disease for infants... (I do not want to actually tell you what I caught...but I need to wear long sleeves and a glove)

  1. Going to the beach
  2. Eating delish crab... it only happens once a year
  3. Exploring downtown Richmond with Nick
  4. My coworker and I bring our deodorant to work with us because we always forget to put it on... I may or may not keep it with my makeup because I will NEVER forget my make up... priorities.
  5. I get to see Nick tonight!!!
  6. J Crew Sample sale tomorrow!!
  7. My little niece turns 5 today!!!
Does she not have the most beautiful hair you have ever seen!!??

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  1. Oh Cher, that little ho. Glad to see you are still having plenty of adventures! I hope I get to see you homecoming weekend :)