Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What I love about him

I have not had a mushy post in a long time so I figured I should share some of the adorable things I love about Nick

  1. He covers my eyes during scary scenes and if animals die in movies.... also if there is an attractive shirtless man *cough Dr Pepper commercial cough*
  2. I will catch him cuddling with my cat before he goes to sleep.. he says that she looked sad... mmhmm 
  3. He is OK with my picky restaurants tastes... I pretty much have four favorites
  4. Sometimes I will catch him watching me put on my make up
  5. He always knows when something is wrong... and he knows that a back hug and a kiss usually is all I need 
  6. He will massage my back cramps away and doesn't judge me for wanting chocolate chip cookies at noon
  7. He loves to hold my hand in the car
  8. He ALWAYS opens my car door for me
  9. He would spend his last penny to buy me a pair of shoes I wanted
  10. He makes excellent pancakes
  11. He always puts the seat down
  12. He will warn me if he sees road kill so I don't get depressed
  13. Doesn't mind that I have to paint my nails the second they chip
  14. He uses my body wash (caught you!)

I just love that boy.  

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Awesome and awkward


My first gelato experience.  I tried salted peanut and chocolate- It was basically a gourmet Reese Cup
My friend Ashley made me cookies because she skipped my body attack class

This is what was left of them- I can do some damage

Nick's sister in law had a birthday over the weekend and we got to take a tractor ride!  those are her cute parents
I was loving it!
(Jill is my 13 year old niece and Ethan is my 3 year old nephew)
he is pretty much the cutest little boy you will ever meet
Just because I am a proud Auntie...  My little nephew Ethan eating is sister's nose.   


Sorry for the pixel nastiness but that says 91 degrees at 6:35pm.... what the what!?   It was 50 degrees last week!  crazy menopausal Virginia
This is only awkward when you say "in bed" after it lol

My coworker and I found a giant pair of underwear at work.  And for some reason that meant we needed to put them on together...  
My first experience with the monkey bars since the second grade... it is way harder than I remember!!!   It tore up my hands but it was still a good time... even if some parents thought I was a creeper playing around at a playground full of kids

So I keep wanting to like smoothies... and good gracious I just cant.  Look how delish that looks...   I had to bribe myself to choke it down and I only got 1/3 of the way through it.  I couldn't even finish it for the thought of buying myself some shoes....   GAHHH   This girl needs some smoothie ideas fast!   feel free to share with a sista

I walked in to teach my body attack class to find this nut talking to these girls about carrying guns and knives....  what?   what the heck?   Please notice he is only wearing socks.  Apparently when you can carry a gun you don't need to wear shoes-  Who would mess with you right?

This would be my cat... stealing broccoli...  not the little bits of salmon left on my plate but broccoli.   I dont know what is more awkward, the fact I let my cat eat my leftovers, she eats veggies over fish or that I chose to share is on my blog...   oy

No picture because my phone died but Nick's uncle gave him a plot of land in NC and wanted to show it to us on Sunday.  I am in a super cute dress and heels but he tells me it is a 10 minute walk.   Well Nick's grandmother was like "she cant walk in those"  so she leaves to get me some shoes... comes back with a pair of high heeled black boots...   uhm ok?   So I slap the boots on and we go to the land ... we start to walk... and walk.. and walk... and walk through poison ivy.... then up a hill... then through more poison ivy.. and make it to the top...  mind you his uncle has pulled two beers out of his overalls and is pretty tipsy and has no clue where we are...  Nick tells me to jump on his back (I am in a dress and tall black boots and he is in slacks and a tie, we must have looked AMAZING) and we proceed down this mountain... his uncle is starting to walk backwards in drunkenness...  somehow we made it back to the car!! 

I am SPEECHLESS.  But it should be appreciated that I didn't twist an ankle in those boots

Any awesome or awkward moments for you?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What I'm wearing Wednesday- Link Up

I am linking up with Life with Elizabeth for "What I'm Wearing Wednesday"  Thank goodness for link ups because I am all out of fun things to talk about and this makes me feel the need to look presentable during the week.  
Date night!  Dress- Francesca's Closet  Shoes-?  Necklace- Jcrew  Cardi- Target
Brunch and shopping    Shoes-Madewell (JCrew)  Pants- Old Navy  Blouse- JCrew  bag- Fossil
Church outfit   Shoes- ?  Skirt and blouse- Jcrew  Cardi- Target  Necklace- NY and Co  Bag- Fossil
Work outfit-   Shoes- Target  Pants- NY and CO  Shirt- JCrew  Cardigan  NY and Co  Earrings- Forever 21
Felt like dressing up for work day-    I have no clue what shoes I am wearing   Skirt- Maurice's?  Blouse- Banana Republic  Watch- fossil
A 50 degree day...   Flats- NYandCO  Pants NY and CO  Sweater- JCrew  Scarf- JCrew
Dreaming of Blue Sky's   Blouse- Banana Republic  Pants- NY and CO  Watch- Fossil
Stripes and Metallic    Flats- Banana Republic  Jeans  NY and CO.  Blouse and Blazer Banana Republic (on sale now!)

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

LIFE= exhausting


Basically why I have been sucking at being a blogger (Can I even call myself that?)
- I have been studying non stop for NHE master trainer level 3 exam... pretty much the Bar exam for the fitness industry...  

-travelling back and forth to Richmond on the weekends to visit Mr. man

-Stressing about when Nick is going to propose... I found the ring box people... this is HAPPENING  when you ask?... Heaven only knows when this southern boy is going to get a move on it

-OCD attacks... I have to clean... the office, my house, my car... anything... so my stress gets "treated by cleaning" which then adds more stress. I come home from work and I HAVE to wash the kitchen top to bottom or organize my closet...  Doesn't make sense?  Yeah me neither

-Keeping up with my side job as a fitness instructor... 6 classes a week, sounds easy?  Please email me some new music and choreography -  Thanks you're a life saver.

This all leads to bobble heading at work and naps at 8pm so I can wake up and study some more.

Happy Birthday Jillian!

Ok now that the complaining is over lets address the fact that I have a niece turning thirteen today!  13!!!  holy mama I feel old and sad.

She has been a huge part of my life and I have loved every minute with her.  This sassy lady has a kind heart and an enormous love for her family.  She is very intelligent and uber creative.  She has an adorable laugh when she lets it out and legs like a super model.  She is one of my favorite people and I am so lucky to be her aunt.