Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday five

I may or may not have a huge obsession with this girl,  down to googling the nail polish she wears

The official nail polish of Emily Maynard  
Essie- Fiji

I love this self tanner,  it doesn't smell like a coconut mixed with a diaper and it has a great color

I walked in on this last night-  Nick unknowingly cuddling with Gia   poor guy had a long day

Homestead lemon aid-   It is a local dairy farm and everything they make is AMAZING   I am in love with this stuff and look at that cute glass bottle!  This lasts all of 5.8 seconds between Nick and I

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I am just like a child in the sense of I always want presents.  Big, small, real or fake I just want presents.  

I came home on Monday to find a little box in my mailbox.  I opened it up to find this!!

Courtesy of This awesome girl!

I love everything!  I have been wanting to try all of these products.  Already I am in love with Baby Lips.

Thanks Ashley!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I hate you colorado ....

On Saturday Colorado gained an awesome family.  My friend Debbie, her husband and adorable little girl are headed to Colorado for her husband to attend Medical School.  :(  I am so excited for them but I am so sad to see them go!

Reason's why Debbie is the bomb
  1. She is Brazilian   nough said
  2. She is an amazing cook
  3. Loves to craft
  4. Enjoys trashy TV:  Kardashians, Bachelorette and Desperate Housewives
  5. She is one of the sweetest people you will meet
  6. Always wants to help other people
  7. Loves to workout as much as I do!!
  8. We both have girl crushes on Jennifer Aniston
  9. She has great taste in everything
  10. Made this super cute baby!!   (See below)

Debbie and Mia
Debbie hard at work on one of our craft nights
The garbage bags we made for our cars...  excuse my hot mess of a rats nest hair that I am rocking

This is Debbie pregnant..  how much do you hate her?

This is at her baby shower  she is so tiny!

Right before we said goodbye... Lets appreciate her husband being a picture creeper in the background

So I basically broke down the second I got into the car to leave.  I am going to miss her so much!   But her husband is going to be a doctor and mine will hopefully make some money so we both are going to fly to see each other an shop as often as we can.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Awesome and awkward


I won an Urban decay Naked Palette!!!!!!!!!! Here

Cuatro De Mayo party at work

I could possibly have a slight obsession with mustaches

Coolest sunglasses ever!!  That would have been a well spent $5

Gia makes her self comfortable where ever she likes-  I am a tad jealous that I don't have a cool nap space like she does

I found a new way to make some money on the side... to make up for not having a roommate!!  Woop woop!


My cat feeling the need to watch chicken defrost-who knows it could walk off by itself and we don't want that do we Gia?

My niece turning 12!!!  I can't believe how grown up she is

That awkward moment when you bend over in and realize the wide neck on your shirt allows everyone across from you to see down to your bellybutton... Fabulous

My friend Debbie is moving to Colorado on Saturday  :(  Words can not express how mad I am about this- we are trying to squeeze in a bunch of crafts we never finished

When your office is made up of predominantly women and you all end up on the same cycle and you hit the pissed/ want to cry/ stuff your face/ pee a million times a day portion at the same exact time.  STAY FAR FAR AWAY!!!  menstruating monsters approaching

Rainy day, walk into body attack and start to teach... and slip... cackle for like 2 minutes...   3 songs later you realize you may have just peed a little ... pray it looks like Sw-ass ...  next song you forget the choreography...   the list just keeps getting worse   I will not proceed

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Five

Friday Five

I just picked up some of this lip balm and I LOVE IT!  No waxy residue just smooth and creamy

Also picked up some shampoo and conditioner and could NOT be happier. My hair is so soft and blows out really easily

Essie's A french Affair-  Debbie was a peach and let me try some of hers

Cinco De Mayo!!!!  I love it because 
1. It is my half birthday
2. pinatas
3. Fajitas
4. Fake moustaches

I made some fruit salsa for our quatro de Mayo work party 

Happy Mexico Weekend!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Awesome and awkward

  1. I finally drift off to sleep at 2am this morning when someone pounds on my front door...  My heart stops, they pound even harder and start shining a flashlight into my living room.  Then I hear someone come up the ramp next to my house and bang on the kitchen door and shine a light into my kitchen.  On the phone with 911 because i am pretty sure 2 men are breaking into my house with how hard they are banging on my door.  I see headlights and I notice its a cop car.  I go to the door barely able to breathe and the tell me that my trunk is open and that they were about to come in my house because my door was cracked open and they didn't know what was going on.  I told them I was on the phone with 911 because I had no clue who was banging on my door at 2 am.   I was BEYOND pissed.  Why wouldn't they either leave it and figure that I forgot to close it after unloading groceries, simply close it or at least knock and say "Police"   I seriously almost wet the bed
  2. That awkward moment when you wear a dress and you are sit so close to the steering wheel that you basically have to flash those in the surrounding area to get out of the car
  3. The pad wedgie... nothing is worse than sounds like a toddler with a diaper stuck to their tush 
  4. Plowing through 3 slices of dominoes, a huge salad and a smore and Nick barely got through two pieces of pizza... it was a sad moment


Debbie and I made maxi skirts in like 45 minutes!   It is so comfortable

Chicken pesto pizza.... holy wow  it is a million times better than delivery.  I think broccoli might just be my fav pizza topping

Sunday afternoon cornhole

Making mustaches at work...

Some how I figured this one out hahaha