Thursday, November 10, 2011

Awesome and Awkward


  1. Finding a rocking car deal!
  2. Getting an iphone 4s... I LOVEEEEE  simply can not express my love enough for this cute little bundle of joy
  3. Getting some great news about Body Attack, most likely I will be the program director for SVU next semester which means... I get to go through BodyFlow training for FREE woop woop!  And I am working on getting a training for students interested in becoming instructors!  
  4. Getting a cheesecake factory gift card and a whole box of omaha steaks for my birthday... people know me so well :)
  5. Nick walking around with me for 12 hours trying to find the "perfect' pair of boots.  I have a keeper I know :)
  6. Eating Oreo cheesecake for lunch cause its my bday weekend
  7. My 11 year old niece making this cute video for my birthday   
  8. Getting 3 dresses at Ann Taylor for less than $20 each!!!!!!!  hecka yes!

  1. Nick's house not having heat for a week, so we go over for him to grab shower stuff to take to my house.  I am wearing fUggs, pink pajama pants, a navy blue peacoat with a big furry hood, a pink floppy hat that my wet shower hair was swallowed in and black gloves... I lay down to play with Gia (Nicks foster cat) and the next thing I know Nick is shaking me telling me its 3 in the morning!!!  we both had conked out in a 30 degree house dressed like hobo's   with me cuddled up next to a cat and two random smelling candles we were using for light  hahahahaha!  I laughed so hard when i finally became conscious 
  2. Having the rockin car deal tell me that someone else made him an effing offer and i would need to wait until Saturday to see if they bought it... uhm no... that is not how this works... if there is no deposit the car should be free game.. So everyone pray that these other people decide they don't want the best car deal in the entire world... deal?? (This isn't very awkward more just makes me pissed beyond belief)
  3. having a realator take pictures of your house... so basically any random person will know exactly what electronics I  have in my house and which room i sleep in AWESOME... NoT!   gahhh I will be so happy the day I do not have to rent 
  4. Nick confessing that he has blamed more than one fart on the cat I have actually believed him...  oh my life   (I apologize for always talking about farting but it really does make me awkward when it happens and with Nick it usually happens once a week haha)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Alexandria for the celebration

So I hit the big 2-3 this weekend, to celebrate a very unimportant birthday number Nick took me to DC for the weekend.  We soon both fell madly in love with Alexandria Virginia.

On Saturday morning we both woke up a little late so we headed out for some brunch and found free parking in front of this adorable little place

Here is a picture of the second floor

They had some hilarious artwork up on the walls

An Appetizer of strawberries and double cream.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

I ordered the French Toast and this masterpiece was what I got.  It was THE  most incredible thing I had ever eaten

Nick got the crab, lobster, and craw-fish omelet.  He said it was "Delicious", I can not judge, there is no way I would eat anything stuffed with that craziness.

Some more of the hilarious artwork

This is the J Crew coat I talked about a few months ago

The happy well fed couple.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Awesome and Awkwards


  1. Talking about stomach and bladder problems with Mr Man.  And by talking I mean him telling me his problems as I am eating my fish tacos and trying not to literally gag everything I have consumed
  2. leather couches and the farting noises they make when you move
  3. Nick telling me his "tummy hurts"  really?? REALLY!? 
  4. Me actually taking pity on the above statement said by a grown man curled up on the couch with a zebra print pillow... and washing the dishes for him
  5. People thinking my Flo costume was a nurse
  6. Being the only girl at a Halloween party wearing clothes and not lingerie
  7.  On our ride home from the Halloween Party, Nick hit a cat (didnt die) and so we pulled off into a construction site to see if we could find the poor thing to make sure it was ok.  Next we see some blue lights turn in and the officer and Nick have a little tiff.  Meanwhile I am dressed like Flo and Nick is Mayhem... how ironic..   Well after the cop looked up all of Nicks info he gives him his license and says that he probably isn't doing to much vandalism dressed in a suit.  Apparently this cop doesn't watch enough Allstate commercials.

  1. Trying on this whopper of a ring at work.  My boss was wearing it for her desperate housewife costume....Too bad this little beauty isn't costume jewelry It was given to her as a "friendship ring"  boy what I would give to have a friend like that   shooot.   And you know it I went and showed this little number to Nick so he could see what home girl expects on the day the question is popped :)
  1. I won the costume contest and won a free day off !
  2. My birthday is in 2 days!!!!!!!!   Say hello trip to DC   I am so excited!!!!  And I am crossing my fingers I get the Banana Republic riding boots I have been lusting for months....MONTHS
  3. looking at more cars this weekend.... Oh I hope I finally find the right combination of things so I can finally drive around in something from the 21st century.
  4. Finally getting paid to teach Body Attack!  can I get an AMEN   No more volunteering for me
  5. I lost 2 pounds!  Yes that sounds really stupid but it has been hard to get those puppies off.  My goal is another 5 but I am satisfied where I am.  Heaven knows I will be stuffing my face full of cheesecake this weekend.... and crepes... and pizza... and pasta.  sad :(
  6. I signed up for the Hot Chocolate 15k in DC!!!!!!!   I am petrified and excited all at the same time.   Here is to running 8 and a half miles on thanksgiving... and 9 miles the Saturday after thanksgiving to keep to my 4 week training program hahaha
  7. I get to see my cute little nieces and nephews next month!!!!  woop woop  and nick will finally get to meet cutie pie Ethan!  I have been telling Nick all about my love for that little boy
  8. Deep clean of my office...= blissful and relaxed Katie

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

OoTD- outfit of the day and stolen accessories

I have decided that the only way I will make myself get cute in the mornings is if I do OOTD.  So here is Sunday morning.  I got quite a few compliments on this dress... PS  Nick picked it out all by himself for my valentines day present :)  I am proud

Dress- Ann Taylor, cartigan- j crew, belt and shoes are from Ann Taylor.
Madre, I love your glasses so much,  I must cuddle with them... sit on them... lick them... swat them...