Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Blunders

Let me get you up to speed, on February 2nd 2011 at 6:30pm Nicholas Monroe Hiatt's vehicle encountered a 4 legged animal with doe eyes and a pea size brain. So Nick's car is donzo and he has been using my little car for the past month to go back and forth to work. Nick has been researching and making spreadsheets that compare costs, and mileage, and tons of crap I started to zone out on. He has fallen in LOVE with a 2003 Saab something or other in black, with a sun roof, with less than 80,000 miles and under $7,000. In our quest to find this exact car we have made 4 trips to DC in the past 4 weeks. Everytime we go wither the car has been sold, the car has damage that was not listed, the price is too much, and anything else you can think of.

Well last weekend I decided to put my foot down, I was not going to go I made myself a hair appointment in Roanoke and I was planning a girls day to refresh from teh past 3 weekends spent in the car. On Thursday night I started to feel guilty for not going with nick. He would have to try and find a ride and someone to go with incase he bought a car. I tried to ignore my guilt but on friday afternoon I decided to just change my hair appointment.

Friday, Nick found a car he liked online and tried to contact the dealer. The dealer did not answer. We checked the hours online and they said that a mechanic would be there and we could schedule a test drive by appointment. We get up at 7:30 on Saturday and hit the road. We get to the dealer around 11 and there is only a mechanic there. He tells us that they are only open every other Saturday ( meaning not that day) and he can not let us drive the car since he doesnt have a dealers license.

Nick gets a call from another dealer who says he has a new saab. We get there and test drive it, and Nick decides it is not the car for him. By this time I am about to eat a body part cause its like 1:30 so Nick takes me to Panera. Can I just tell you they have the BEST chicken ceasar salad I have ever eaten. So I ordered that and a cinnamon crunch bagel - HEAVEN

Nick whips out his computer to look for more cars, so I decided to walk over to Micheals and TJ MAXX. I picked up some craft supplies- feathers (to make headbands) and some crochet supplies. At TJ Maxx I was able to score some new drinking glasses for $6, ketlle bells, and an adorable Earring Caddy thing.

Nick was still on the comp when I was done shopping so I decided to change the burnt out headlight bulb in my car- props to me

Then I went to see how Nick was doing and he found a car in North Carolina that is "Perfect". So we get to go home!!

Then I think to myself, Ikea is around here.... I was able to convice Nick to go to Ikea, but when we get there dun dun dunnnnnn There are outlets!!!!!!!

It was a great day, I got 2 new dresses for $7and a shirts for $12 from Hollister outlet. And a cute sweatshirt thing from $13 and denim bermudas $24 from Banana republic.

The mall was gigantic and we parked on the exact opposite of Banan Republic so we had walked about 2 miles and were exhausted and hungered. Across the street was a Pizzeria Uno, which didnt have a wait. We stopped there for dinner and then headed back home. (insert quick trip to Wal Mart to pick up BBQ stuff)

Yesterday, we went to church. Nick had to do home teaching so I came home and started to make the BBQ. I set up my new earring stand and did some cleaning up. Then we went out in search of a Geo Cache which we found as it started to rain (of coarse when I blow dry my hair). We came home and watched some burn notice and waited for Nick's cousin Kenson and his wife Ashley to come over for dinner. We topped off the night with peanut butter cookies and a wii party. Gotta love hangin with the Hiatts

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hair Care

I have spent at least a few hundred dollars on hair products that over promise and under deliver, so as of late I have just decided to blow my hair out straight. Well at a super bowl party some girls were talking to my friend Amanda who has to die for curls, and they asked what products she uses. She said she had a whole system and suprisingly it consisted of African American hair products. My little ears perked up and decided to give these products a try (I told you Im a sucker for all things beauty) So here are the steps.

Step 1 After washing your hair use Infusium 23 Step 3 leave in conditioner

Step 2 Use Care Free Curl

Step 3 Use Lets Jam Holding Gel

I tried out this coctail last night and had adorable curls this morning. My hair feels very hydrated and is not weighed down at all. The only thing I hesitate about is that the back of the Care Free Curl bottle says to keep hair away from open flame and lit tobacco products... but I guess with long hair I need to do that anyways

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


If you have ever been in my room or my bathroom you will see I am a sucker for beauty anything... Anything that promises to make my frizzy curls, sleek and shiny or make my stubbly eye lashes long enough to reach my eye brows... I will buy!

So I was walking in Wal-Mart and going to my fav dept. (Nail polish) Well smack dab in the middle of a main aisle is an island of Nexxus products just for split end repair!!! The hair gods have answered!!! I just got a hair cut in December where 6 inches had to be chopped off because I had an insane amount of split ends.

So I stand there looking at the products, all of which are like $13 bucks... The one I am really looking at is an overnight serum. So I tell myself I must wait, this is not a "need". Well 2 weeks later I was still thinking about it so I felt it was time to make the investment. I bought it and tried it out 2 nights ago.

one word... FABULOUS!

I put 2 pumps of it in my hair at midnight and threw it up into a messy bun. I woke up and went to the gym (Mind you, even going on my third day not washing my hair, and this serum it did not look greasy!) When I got back from the gym I washed it out using my normal routine. I proceeded to blow dry my hair... and the moment of truth came... I check my ends and voila!!!!!! tons less split ends. I have the random few but it looks a million times better and my hair feels so healthy. I went to work and even got compliments on how great my hair looked.

My recommendation: BUY BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Im Baaack!!

Whew, it has been forever since I have been on here. Soooo much to talk about. I am working at Project Horizon, this will be my 4th month and I am loving every minute of it.

I got to go home and visit my adorable family in Rochester and can I just say it was fantastic to see everyone, especially my nieces and nephews.

January 17th 2011 Nick and I celebrated our 3 and half year anniversary!!!! Its crazy we have been dating this long (insert Single Ladies song).

I am on my second semester of teaching spin and circuit twice a week as well as Body Attack twice a week. And to add to all that craziness I will be training for a half marathon on the weekends... soooo the beach will be calling my name shortly.

And no worries I will be posting some pictures shortly :)