Friday, July 20, 2012

I love NY!

This past weekend Nick and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary!!  CRAZY!  
We could not figure out what to do to celebrate, and my family kept asking me to come visit and I was not sure how I was going to be able to.

So Thursday night I called Nick at work and asked if we could go to Rochester for the weekend.

He said yes and Friday afternoon (after 4 job interviews for Nick) we left to go to Rochester.  

I wanted to surprise my family so the only person I told was my step dad so he could leave the door unlocked for us.

Nick and I got there around 2 am, I wrote a note to my mom to "Go look in Katie's room".  I wake up and I hear her walking around and stuff and she never comes into my room.  So I walk down the stairs and she looked like a deer in headlights!  hahaha  She had just walked into her sewing room, which is where the spare bed is and was wondering who this strange guy was sleeping in there.

The rest of the weekend was filled with playing with my nieces and nephew, eating my fav hometown foods and relaxing

My apologies that these are not in order, I attempted to put them in the correct order but I was just too lazy 

I grabbed a tropical smoothie while Nick was in his interviews
My brother Che, sister-in-law Danielle, niece Samantha and my nephew Ethan  (my niece Jill is missing from the pic)
Some smooches from Ethan
Best grocery store on earth!
Ethan and Sam playing on the beach
I love his smooches
Ethan is obsessed with horses so I found him one at the mall
Erie canal,  we went to lunch at a little cafe
We went to the Hill Cumorah Pageant!  This is me with King Noah
We went down to the beach and fed some french fries to the ducks

Nick and I on the beach
Me fake rubbing Danielle's baby belly!  Yup there is a bun in the oven!!-  No worries I don't actually rub prego bellies
He likes necklaces and horses... what a man

My 12 year old niece... and I am on my tippy toes because home girl is 5'7 and her aunt is 5'3
Ethan was bored with all the talking

We rode the carousal at the beach...  
Sam and Che (pronounced "Chay")
Me and Nick, yup I was rocking the side saddle-  The carousal lady was like "are you going to be ok side saddle?"   uhm honey, this thing goes in a circle at 3 mph... pretty sure I can handle it

The kids playing in their tunnel
Ethan sporting some pink rain boots... the boy is legit
Mr man
My favorite restaurant!  Mr Dominic's

On our way home Nick woke me up from my nap to stop at reptile world... we got in there and found out it was $14 a person... so we just used their bathroom and played with the toys

amazing trip!!!!!  It was so great to see everyone!!   

Did everyone else have a great weekend?
Also, how cute are these kids!!??

Monday, July 9, 2012

Things you should know about me if we are going to be BFF

I love all things girly... shoes, manicures, make up, a good Rom Com and carbs
You mess with my kitties and YOU DIE
I cry at the end of the notebook and whenever an animal dies
I wont talk to you in you leave your garbage in my car
I am a clean freak and you must be able to handle it/ never leave a big mess at my house  GOT IT??

Sometimes I like to talk like a sassy black woman...
I am scared of Jelly fish, sharks and touching a slug
I prefer bread to chocolate
Most likely I will call you a skank on a regular basis, no worries I don't mean it... its just what you will be called
I have never had a sip of alcohol, and you should understand its not gonna happen ... but I will gladly be your DD and laugh when you do alcohol induced activities.  I NO JUDGE :)

I facebook stalk and blog stalk... and I judge ugly babies and wedding dresses... you should too

What about you??  What do I need to know?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Awesome and awkward


1. the weather as of late   uhm no   it should not be 102 in Virginia at 4pm
2. The storms we have been having, knocking out power.
Nick I were at our friends house with no power for 2 days during record breaking temps of 103-   We played cards by candle light and ate the contents of their fridge and freezer
3.  Why wouldn't you hang a rubber duck from the back of your truck?

4.  All of this crazy weather also produced some hail... so picture me and my coworkers sprinting to our cars to park them in the parking garage to blocks away... I was pretty awkward looking

5.  I got a paper cut last week and it had been bothering me for a few days, it just kept hurting and getting redder.  So I just continue to ignore it.  Well the Saturday of the heat wave/no power weekend my finger is killing me, the redness is traveling down my hand and is oozing.  AWESOME!  We decided to go to the lake to cool off so we stop at the only place open Kroger and grab some water and sunblock.  I popped over to the pharmacy to ask what to put on the thing. She takes one look and is like "you need to go to the doctor, like now"... uhm honey child... there is no electricity!!!  So Nick is freaking out, we googled a place to go who said to hurry and come in because they would be closer early. 

 I would just like everyone to imagine what it is like to tell the doctor you are there for a paper cut... 

Luckily the doctor was like "I am so glad you came in, this is serious, its a staph infection and it is on a tendon.

So life lesson:  Paper cuts can lead to staph infections- who knew!!??


1. Summer salads-  our friends who lost power grilled up all their food and sent it home with Nick and I ...  hello Omaha steak salad you taste divine

2. Hanging out waiting for fireworks to begin

3.  Both awkward and awesome.  Gia was like a lion waiting for prey when we busted out that steak.  Don't judge we do not normally let her hang out on the table but she just kept jumping right back up and inching closer and closer to Nick's plate.   He caved and eventually gave her a piece in her bowl

4.  Since power and water were out in the area, my coworker brought her dog to work and I got to hang out with this little cutie ALL day!!
Please excuse the nastiness that is my hair... I am ashamed :(

5. Birchbox!  uhm  loved everything about this box.  My favs so far are the stila bronzer and of coarse the Taylor Swift perfume
6. Eating cotton candy with my lover

7.  Hanging out with these peeps  Kenson and Ashley  (Kenson is Nick's cousin)

Any awkward of awesome moments this week?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I had my melting pot cherry popped!

Nick bought a Groupon for the melting pot a few months ago which we completely forgot about.  I have been dying to go ever since some friends told me about it.  It made for a great Monday night together

What? did you say cheese AND chocolate??

Happy man with all of that yummy meat

Hello spinach and artichoke cheese dip... you were delish!

Notice the empty chocolate pot,  we inhaled before I thought about taking a picture

A little cutie pie

Before I got my eat on...

AMAZING!  just be warned it is not a cheap date, even with a Groupon   but it is such a good splurge