Monday, October 31, 2011

Unicorns and glitter!!

We got invited to a halloween party on Saturday night. So the creative juices started flowing and we became flo and mayhem.

At work this morning we had a Halloween brunch with a costume contest. Me and the popcorn tied for first! We both won a day off in December for Christmas shopping. Have I mentioned I LOVE where I work?
Flo and Mayhem
The Taco bell sauces
My prize!!
Popcorn!  I loved this costume
The Community Outreach Team
Our boss, the desperate housewife.  Included fake gun, flask of vodka, muscle relaxers, and feather duster 
Hey there bump it!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Awesome and Awkward


  1. Waking up with enough time to get ready, then resetting my alarm so I have 10 minutes.  Throw on clothes grab makeup box and walk out the door with serious bed head  ( big messy bun lop sided and frizzy).  Sit at desk apply makeup and go to the bathroom to add water to the unruly mess of curls)....  3 days in a row
  2. Gurgley stomach... I feel really awkward when I am sitting next to someone and it sounds like Bombs are going off in my stomach... and you know the person next to you is like "dont you dare fart while I am next to you... I know what gurgley stomach means.  Well no buddy not pour moi.  I just have a stomach that likes to make its presence known both in sound and in site.
  3. Nick getting up and handing me his computer... ten a huge blast of butt funk (aka a fart) hits my nose.  We have company over so I cant call him out/I cant breathe enough to get words out.  He hits the stairs and sees my suffocating face and we both just die in laughter... then the guests smell it HAHAHAHA
  4. having my shirt get stuck on my bike seat at spin class... so I attempt to walk past my bike  and the bottom of my shirt gets caught on my seat jerking me back like a foot.  making me look like a toddler learning how to walk for the first time... I impress myself with how graceful I am
  5. waking yourself up with a random snore
  6. getting offended when your cat prefers to cuddle with your boyfriend and not you
  1. My spin class is up to 16 students, there are only 18 bikes   woop wooooooop
  2. my iPhone should be here today!!
  3. my mom bought a new house!!!!  hooray for finally having my own room when i go home for a visit
  4. Buying new desk organizing stuff and pink pens ... it has made me much more cheerful at work to have all 8 lip balms in a container instead of rolling around my drawer like animals
  5. Changing my closet into my fall wardrobe...  no judge but I have around 50 cardigans...  Small addiction
  6. Test driving new cars!!!!!  ahhhh  In just a few short weeks I will not be driving a car from the mid 90s  can i get an AMEN!?
  7. Apple cider doughnuts... pictures will come shortly   but lets just say I inhaled almost half a dozen
  8. Sushi night with one of my favorite families!  soon to be expanding with a little munchkin in 4 weeks!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Go Heels!

Every season Nick and I make a bucket list of things we want to do.  For fall it usually includes haunted houses, doughnuts, and watching Hocus Pocus.  This year we really wanted to see  a college football game but we weren't really sure how we could with most of our weekends being completely full.  On Friday I was leaving work and Nick calls me.  His dad's co-worker bought 4 UNC tickets but weren't able to go, so she gave him all 4 tickets plus a parking pass.  So Nick and I rushed around to get packed and headed down to North Carolina.  We had to leave his parents house by 8am to get to the game in time. We all piled in the car in Carolina blue T shirts and headed South.

Catching Nick eating a doughnut

Getting ready for the game

Cheesing it up with shades

No shades...

It was almost like drum line...

Crazy random baton twirler lady


Midway through the game... 3 greasy chicken strips later
The boys...

Woop WOOP final score

Please excuse my hot mess I got ready in the car

So my first experience at a huge university football game was pretty fun.  I will say I was a little judgy of the girls wearing tiny dresses and heels to go sit on metal bleachers for 3 hours.  Nick even pulled a preppy McPrepperson and wore a button down and a cardigan.   maybe I was a tad envious cause I was looking a little rough but I just figured the reason you buy over priced sports T shirts was to wear them to games so you don't spill ketchup or have beer spilled on important clothes.   Mental note, dress cute for football games, My Bad

Awesome and Awkward


  1. Using the restroom and then going up stairs to change, a few seconds later hearing Nick go "wwwhhhewwww, someone stunk it up in here"   yeahhhh  
  2. Sitting on chocolate and having no one tell you...  So you walk around strutting your stuff in heel and Joe's Jeans  go to bathroom to check yourself out and LOVELY... choco cracko
  3. Waiting 6 and half weeks to trim your pedicure because the white tips are just too beautiful to trim down
  4. Getting a call from your "mom" and having your phone tell you that you missed the call, start having a conversation with Nick, give him a smoochero and hear your step dads voice come over the phone saying "uhm hello?  I'm still on the phone" bahaha
  5. Girls that I was a camp counselor for are getting married before me...  I cry a little on the inside just thinking about it.  I told Nick for every year I wait the carat in my diamond goes up...  he better get his A to a jeweler cause I hear 4 carats is pretty pricey :) 
  1. Getting a free pizza from Dominoes because they put ham on the whole pizza instead of half cheese... SO I will be eating pizza for the next 5 days
  2. iphone!!!!  crossing my fingers I can get my hands on that puppy tomorrow.  I am doubting it but i am still hoping.
  3. Texting the girl I may be buying a car from about doing a test drive and she said that she will drive the hour to me!  woop woop!  so happy to not have to drive a gazillion miles this weekend and I am hoping she will come down a little on her price and Katie will have a new car in time for her birthday!
  4. Mitt Romney during the republican debates, he spanked everyone.  I have never been more proud of a fellow Mo MO than I was of him. And no played the religion card can i get an Amen?
  5. The leaves are-a-changin here in Virginia, my drive to work is gorgeous!  I can wait to get some pictures this weekend on the parkway.  I am planning a Sunday picnic to break in our new picnic basket we bought.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Myrtle Beach... delayed :)

We started going to Myrtle Beach the first summer Nick and I started dating so this was our fifth trip.   The trip usually includes me and nick, his parents, his brother and sister-in-law, and is sister her husband and 4 kids.   We all share a condo and soak up the sun.
It is probably one of my favorite places to go and I look forward to it all year.  We especially looked forward to it this year since we had this little accident last year.

We were both in a wedding party the day before we were to leave for the beach.  For the groomsman picture all the boys were suppose to "pretend" push each other down the stairs... well as you can see things did not go well.  Nick was on the ground with a dislocated ankle in the middle of DC... let the good times roll

Here he is in the ER
Poor guy on crutches at the beach
OH it was a beauty
Nick about to fall to his ankle's death

 So here is Myrtle Beach trip 2011!!!!!!!!!  Accident and Injury free apart from Nick getting super sun burnt from Wal-mart brand sunscreen...

 Nick and I hit up the arcade on our last night... we were racking in the tickets on this weird hit the chicken with a ball game
 Hello enough tickets for a teddy bear... hello
 Cheesing it up a Margaritaville
 I got to drive the Chick-fil-A car at the Nascar speedway... too bad that thing was so slow I got passed twice by everyone else
 It was suuuuppper hot hence the perspiration 
 Man candy in his car
 This little kiddo thought it would be hysterical to bring all the couch cushions into Nick's room
 Us heading out to dinner at Senior Frogs
 oh yes... the hats... No worries I rocked those Minnie Mouse ears all through dinner
 ehh  I got nothing for this picture... self explanatory 
 Ahoy!!  We did a little mini golfing on the trip...  Nick won... which meant we both won ice cream from Nicks brother :)
 Tiger pose with a hole in one
 Eating lunch on the pier at Pier 14

 Trying to see our condo from the pier
Joe's Crab shack= delish

We love going to the dueling piano's when we are at the beach

At margaritaville for our last dinner :(

Some of the kiddo's in front of a bear... 

Lying on a bed of nails... it did pinch a little but other than that you don't really feel a thing

Shaking our groove thang 

Nick flexing his muscles

Nick and I snagged some dinner on our way out of town at a different pier.  It was gorgeous to just look out over the ocean...

Sad to be leaving the beach :(