Friday, October 7, 2011

Awkward and Awesome


  1. My old blog
  2. My current blog title that has a weird white background I cant get rid of (tips would be appreciated)
  3. Taking a vitamin an hour before teaching my Body Attack class, then having to run out of the room to almost barf...  That was a horrendous experience
  4. Zit on forehead...
  5. Unexplained apres lunch burping... when you share an office...  I am ashamed
  6. Having a cheese fest for my brothers birthday, including brie and a million stinky cheeses, baguettes, and hummus...  eating in like 1.2 minutes.  Then sitting in a room of people from the ages of 22-62 who have just stuffed themselves full of cheese  AWKWARD
  7. writing about burping and farting... I promise I am not that girl... it just so happens that those things are super awkward and make me super awkward.
  8. Buying striped leggings for pajamas from JCrew.  walking out to the living room and having Nick tell me I look like an optical allusion...

  1. Seeing my familia in Knoxville this past weekend-  cheese fest :)
  2. Kickboxing!  ... its pretty rough taking it after teaching a spin class but my buns are going to be clones of Jessica Simpson's in Dukes of Hazard
  3. Chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels...  oh my holy goodness 
  4. Getting Creme Brule ramikan things .... now I just need to buy one of those flaming guns - I just realized that statement makes me sound like I am unfit to make that dessert, I am very capable- but just in case:  I leave my cat Cher in the care of Nick.  My car can be given to any poor sap who wants it.  
  5. hello iPhone!!!!!!!  woop woop  I will finally be joining the rest of the world and have a cool phone.
  6. Date night tonight is "salsa under the stars"  We are going to go salsa dancing at a vineyard with nicks co-worker and his girlfriend...  Here's to hoping I don't fall on my face
  7. Crafting at work.  We got a huge donation of fabric we cant use for our art therapy program so i took some and put them in frames...   now I don't have to spend a bunch of money at pier one for some art work for my white walled living room
  8. Outlet shopping results- Banana republic  $4 shorts, $8 sweater, $12 sweater, and $28 sheath dress.  GREAT day   Nick got a suit for $70 and I picked out my birthday present.  Riding boots... the most beautiful creatures I have ever beheld.  So cross your fingers I get them and then you can see them!


  1. Men are so funny with fashion. My husband is super into trendy clothes and stuff but that's prob why it hurts my feelings when he doesn't particularly love something I've put on :)

  2. so i could probably fix your blog for you, but if i explained to you how to do it my head would probably explode. haha