Thursday, October 20, 2011

Awesome and Awkward


  1. Waking up with enough time to get ready, then resetting my alarm so I have 10 minutes.  Throw on clothes grab makeup box and walk out the door with serious bed head  ( big messy bun lop sided and frizzy).  Sit at desk apply makeup and go to the bathroom to add water to the unruly mess of curls)....  3 days in a row
  2. Gurgley stomach... I feel really awkward when I am sitting next to someone and it sounds like Bombs are going off in my stomach... and you know the person next to you is like "dont you dare fart while I am next to you... I know what gurgley stomach means.  Well no buddy not pour moi.  I just have a stomach that likes to make its presence known both in sound and in site.
  3. Nick getting up and handing me his computer... ten a huge blast of butt funk (aka a fart) hits my nose.  We have company over so I cant call him out/I cant breathe enough to get words out.  He hits the stairs and sees my suffocating face and we both just die in laughter... then the guests smell it HAHAHAHA
  4. having my shirt get stuck on my bike seat at spin class... so I attempt to walk past my bike  and the bottom of my shirt gets caught on my seat jerking me back like a foot.  making me look like a toddler learning how to walk for the first time... I impress myself with how graceful I am
  5. waking yourself up with a random snore
  6. getting offended when your cat prefers to cuddle with your boyfriend and not you
  1. My spin class is up to 16 students, there are only 18 bikes   woop wooooooop
  2. my iPhone should be here today!!
  3. my mom bought a new house!!!!  hooray for finally having my own room when i go home for a visit
  4. Buying new desk organizing stuff and pink pens ... it has made me much more cheerful at work to have all 8 lip balms in a container instead of rolling around my drawer like animals
  5. Changing my closet into my fall wardrobe...  no judge but I have around 50 cardigans...  Small addiction
  6. Test driving new cars!!!!!  ahhhh  In just a few short weeks I will not be driving a car from the mid 90s  can i get an AMEN!?
  7. Apple cider doughnuts... pictures will come shortly   but lets just say I inhaled almost half a dozen
  8. Sushi night with one of my favorite families!  soon to be expanding with a little munchkin in 4 weeks!


  1. I LOVE your blog. You always make me laugh and it makes me miss you so much!