Thursday, September 22, 2011

Awesome and Awkward


  1. Putting on self tanner and needing to go wash your hands... not knowing if your roommate is home... weigh the options- smear sunless tanner or be seen butt naked by your roommate...  I chose to be seen butt naked ... Fortunately she was not home
  2. Eating breakfast at 11am going to work at 1:30 eating lunch at 4 and dinner at 9:30...  thank heavens it is the last day of crazy work schedule for a while.
  3. deciding to try to wear my retainers because my wisdom teeth have decided to grace my mouth with their horrendous presence... and then waking up and not finding my retainers in my mouth... 2 nights later finding then in my sheets.... so nast
  4. taking cher to the vet and being super proud that the vet says she is perfect... I feel like the weird cat lady down the street
  5. Having to pick up cher's prescription and when the pharmacist asks for the name... I try to whisper "Cher"... doesn't hear me so I just have to use a normal tone and not look around at all the old people judging me...Come to find out they wrote her name down as Chv.. causing more of a scene when I have to repeat that this is for my cat and her name is cher...blah blah...   I am still debating which is worse... naming your cat Cher? or buy prescription medicine for a cat?
  1. Getting emergency text messages from nick because I wasn't home to watch the modern family premiere... He planned on calling work to get me to come home sooner hahaha
  2. Blueberry muffins... they are quickly becoming my drug of choice
  3. My size two jeans are not as tight as last year... whoop whoop!!!!!!
  4. Having a meeting with my bishop and he says "would you like to serve in the church?" so I say "I guess" he says "we would like to call you to be in the ward choir" I stammer "Have you HEARD me sing?"  he says "did you hear THEM sing!?" hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!  the BEST line I have ever heard come from a bishop
  5. Making chocolate chip pancakes and watching 4 episodes in a row of Burn Notice...AWESOME Sunday activity :)
  6. Discovering the joy of the post it note app on my lap top...  I am now addicted to making post it lists   Romey and Michelle  thanks for inventing the glue and the idea of making them colored :)
  7. I am getting internet at my house on Monday soooo say hello to more blog posts and finally posting some pictures!!

Gossip Girl

Friday, September 16, 2011

Awesome and Awkward Thursday (yesterday) :)

1) Sharing a bed with nicks mom for a week on vacation
2) Losing my bathing suit bottoms while boogie boarding.... its true  they were down to my ankles, I didn't ask anyone if they saw... don't ask, don't tell
3) Having Nicks nephew walk in on us smooching... I am still red faced hahaha  oh well
4) Having to borrow water shoes from Wonderworks to complete a ropes course .... heaven knows what I caught in those things...  Just don't think about it Katie... don't think about planters warts, athletes foot, other peoples sweat
5) Sleeping with earplugs because the hurricane winds were so bad on our balcony it sounded like a  freight train was running through the condo
6) Forgetting to write this on Awesome and Awkward Thursday... wooopps

Awesome and Awkward!
1)Nick's mom introducing me as her future daughter in law to her random friend in the hot tub at the condo
2) Nick's niece introducing me to her imaginary friend as her aunt

1) An entire week at the beach...getting so tan that I go shopping and realize that i forgot to put on make up and then not caring about it
2) BEACH HAIR... nough said
3) Lunch and dinner on the pier.. it was utter bliss!
4) talking with Nick for 5 straight hours on the way back from the beach   from 8pm-2am...
5) Nick made me a "stay awake mix" while I was driving the last leg of the trip... complete with Ricky Martin, Shakira, Taylor Swift and Glee
6) my coworkers and I coming up with stripper names for an hour
Rock-L Wild....  Anastasia Love... Saf-fire Melody...Jazz-myn Allure... Ja'Nayzia Champagne... Rocks-ann Kandy...  hahahaha  it was a great time
7) Having one of my spinners wear a heart rate monitor/calorie counter and finding that my Monday class she burnt over 800 calories and yesterday she burnt 682... yeaaaaaa  AWESOME
8) Debbie brought me Oreo cheesecake yesterday!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  1. my blog is ridiculous looking!  I have been trying so hard to get everything to line up and I am lost, hence the unbalanced picture.   Please please assist me if you know how.
  2. Having my creeper neighbor sprint over to my car as I am tring to avoid eye contact and carrry in a million bags of groceries, to ask me if he can mow my lawn and if I can pay him up front so he can get gas... and then say "got enough stuff?" ... Really?  Really  Tarzan!!!!!!!!  Go back to being a creeper on your front porch, I am done with you
  3. I am slowly killing the weird spiky plant that was on my desk when I started working here... its really sad... so I hid it on top of my filing cabinet... mental note  buy plastic plants, no one will know
  4. My 96 chevy is slowly dying a little more everyday... and I have no desire to do tons of research on what to buy...  I need to check out  maybe someone will want to buy me a rocking car for just being cute...
  5. Doing Jillian Micheals 30 day sweat with my co-worker during our lunch break... and me ripping not one but two toots....  I swear I had a twin brother in the womb and I somehow absorbed him and his manly habits
  6. Crickets have invaded my house!  I hear chirping all the time, and there is one stuff in my wall in my room that wakes me up every morning at 5am sharp... so I now sleep with cotton balls on my side table so I can shove them in my ears to avoid ripping out the wall
  1. Myrtle Beach is this weekend! I will be there for a week...  oh dear heavenly bliss I am so excited.  Pray for me that we will have all sunny days!!!! and that the Jellys and Sharks stay away from me and my peeps
  2. The bikinis are looking great!  I have been working really hard for this trip... secretly hoping mr man will pop the question cause he is so worried that someone else will sweep me up with my rocking new bod....   Selfish and egotistical YES... True thoughts... YES
  3. Found a new shampoo...  Simply U at Wal-mart   it is sulfate and paraban free.... it ROCKSSSS  my hair was legit Victoria's Secret volumized wonderfulness this weekend.
  4. Nick and I eating at a restaurant, I get up to use the restroom.  40 year old black man and his wife and child come over and ask Nick if they can use his chair, Nick says that his girlfriend is sitting there and will be back in just a minute.  I come back (VS hair and new banana republic skirt with some heels on) and the man goes.... "OHHHH shoot man let me shake your hand... whew..."  then sits behind me and proceeds to give nick thumbs up and the high eye brow look.    It was a VERY good day... I attribute it to the new shampoo and the skirt
  5. Crafting and Taquitos tonight with Debbie!