Walk Down Lovers Lane

So it all started back in 2007... well late 2006.  I saw this super buff, tall, dark and handsome guy in a red hoodie. Nick.  I just remember thinking... yum.  But I was dating someone back at home so I just did not think anything of it.

So fast forward a few months.  I start to run into this guy more and more.  I kept seeing him in the gym and around campus.  Oh here is my favorite memory.  So i had just broken up with my bf and I started to hang out with a few different guys. Grant, one of those guys, was walking me to my dorm. well low and behold Mr Nick is making out with a girl from my dorm on the steps.  So as my little heart is breaking I have to cut in in order to get inside.   yeaaaahhhh   Home girl was not happy.

Ok so here is where the real story begins.

My roommate conned me into joining the softball team- since you guys don't know me let me break it down for you.  Katie= not athletic... in the slightest.   So I am put in the outfield.  I was fine with that, I had to catch a ball like once every 45 minutes.  My outfield coach's name was Ammon.  So one day I was walking out of the gym ad Ammon and Nick are talking right in front of the door (are we seeing a pattern here?) So I put my game face on and added a little strut to my step, and I head towards the door.  I casually stop and ask  "hey Ammon, what time is practice today?" give a quick smile to Nick and I was off.    Hook line and sinker ladies!

So a few days later I was walking back to the bus and Ammon stops me and asks if I am dating anyone.  I say no.  He says that he has a friend that is interested... hmmm who could that be?  He said that he would get back with me about it.  There was a fireside on Sunday and Grant and I went to that together, well wouldn't you know the only two seats left were next to Nick!!  Sooo I am legitimately starting to perspire.  I sit down, he gives me a little glance.  Grant decides that he needs to keep inching closer to me.  Nick decides to do the whole man open leg sit.  So I am scrunched between these two guys for like an hour and a half.  All I can think about is how I want to slip Nick my number.  Grant was keeping too good of an eye on me so I failed with that attempt.

The next Sunday was spring break so there were very few students left so I had to drive to a family ward.  This time I am with Grant and my friend Kyle.  We sit on the row next to wear Nick and his entire family is sitting.  This is where I fell in love.  Picture Nick draped in his little nieces, coloring with them and hugging them.  I was so distracted by this.  Meanwhile Nick's sister was pointing me out to him as someone he should date!

So as church is letting out, Ammon comes running up to me and yells at me to hurry up and write down my number.  So I grab a gum wrapper and jot it down.  I didn't want to get my hopes up so I just put it out of my mind.

About 2 hours later my cell phone rings.  My heart jumps.  I answer with all the confidence I can muster.  "hey..." (insert southern drawl)  Nick proceeds to ask me out to a BBQ the next day at Ammon's house.  I just had to keep telling myself to stay calm.  I agreed to it and he said that he would pick me up at my dorm.

So when we hang up my roommate Ashley and I have a complete freak out.

The next day I can hardly wait!  Nick picks me up in his little silver Nissan that smells like Domino's pizza covered with Febreeze.  He takes me over to the BBQ where we find a huge sausage fest.  Nick asks me if I want to just eat outside with him.  So we head outside and talked for about two and a half hours.  I was having such a great time with him.  When it started to get dark he asked if I wanted to grab some ice cream and watch a movie.  Well heck yes I do child!!!

We rode to Walmart and grabbed some ice cream and then headed to his apartment.  lets appreciate that he lived in an apartment with a purple door above a flower shop.  Don't let that fool you, it was a complete man cave.  Filled with fishing poles, tackle boxes, bean bag chairs and big chug cups, but I loved it!

We sat down and watching something, I can't even remember because I was still so nervous.  All I remember is him slipping his arm around the back of the couch and thinking that I had just died and gone to heaven.

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