Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Five

1.  Mama needs a new pair of running shoes...  I spotted these puppies on Pinterest.   Must. Find. Them

2. I decided to finally do one of the many Pinterest challenges out there... This month's challenge... Squats

I took before pictures just to see... I wont be sharing them because unlike the half naked butts on pinterest, I have crazy tan lines on mine...    I am on day 5 already...  I can honestly say it hasn't been too bad.  We will see how I am talking when I start getting into the hundreds.

3. Nick got me the most gorgeous purse for Christmas and I just cant get enough of it.  It truly makes any outfit look put together and chic.  Pretty sure he only agreed because he saw a picture of Ashley Greene carrying it.

Selma Tote

4.  I may or may not follow Michelle Money on YouTube...  She and her friend did a whole video on how import it is to tint your lashes.  Since I pretty much refuse to go to a salon for anything I can do myself, I looked up at home lash tinting.  This shall be done.  I will def take some before and after pictures for you.

Lash Tint- Michelle Money

5.  Sonia Kashuk Brush-  I keep hearing about how amazing the Mason Pearson brush is... and all I can hear is them saying "I'm cray cray for thinking a brush is worth $100" so I looked up a knock off version.  You know it that TarJay came to the rescue on that one.  $15... I can do that
Sonia Kashuk Brush

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  1. I'm really curious on the pintrest workouts - you should let us all know how it works out for you! We bought a small elliptical for our apartment since I reside in the frozen arctic known as Utah :( Its been helpful but any other little workouts I can add would be great.