Friday, June 28, 2013

Fridays favorites

Arm Candy- I just love being able to layer and layer
Pita sandwiches -  Turkey breast, white cheddar and spinach

Pretty ways to display Essies

Getting to see this guy tonight :)

Getting random texts from "A" from Pretty Little Liars... its only slightly creepy

So excited for the weekend!!  What are your plans?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Awesome and awkward


Cookies and Cream milkshake from a hole in the wall.  It was seriously amazing.  Nick had to talk me out of going back the next day
I caught a fish!!!-  Meaning Nick had to put the worm on my hook and take the fish off.  So I through a hook into the water and reeled it in...  I 60% caught that fish 
My boss made an amazing fruit pizza... So much so that I didn't eat lunch.  Lets appreciate the cookie dough crust, cream cheese icing and AMAZING fresh fruit
Lunch date with Nick in Richmond-  Hello downtown food trucks!
I may or may not have been bored during a meeting... I think I will go with Katie Gosling
We found some brand new kittens outside our hotel room, my coworker gave me her umbrella to try to keep them dry during the down pour...  Sweetest little things!!

More food trucks... who has two thumbs and is obsessed with not cooking.... THIS GIRL

My boss is giving us a 4 day weekend next week for the 4th!!!  Hello beach trip!


Yup, that is my picture hanging on the wall of the local Chinese buffet...  apparently I eat there too much

I got bit by Edward Cullen.... no I got bit by my cat... and it turned into a huge bruise...   I felt like a cat lady gah, I need a dog to make me cool

Monday, June 24, 2013

Whole lotta love ... A wedding and a weekend

We started our weekend on Friday night by driving to Virginia Beach for our friends wedding.  Thanks to beach traffic and rain we were super late but that also meant that the wedding was pushed back!  We made it with two minutes to spare :)
Love this guy!
I was petrified but delighted at the same time

The happy couple walking out... it looked super gorgeous with all the sparklers

Hey Pinterest

This is just one of the tables at the candy bar station... LOVE

On Saturday we went to this awesome little park called Belle Isle, its basically a ton of huge flat rocks with water in between and half of Richmond comes to hang out and tan there

Walking along the path... we pretty much followed some strangers wearing bathing suits because we had no clue how to get there

Isn't it gorgeous!?  The picture does not even start to do it justice

A little to short to get my feet in the water

I found the perfect spot...  such a great day

Nope, I'm not posing, I am scoping out which dogs I want to steal...   Basically any dog that came by me I would go "eek! Nick I want one like that!!"

The night finished up with a BBQ at Nick's boss' house and my hair going from fabulous to frizzy mess within 10 minutes from the humidity... awesome first impression award goes to this girl...

Hope you all had a great weekend!   Please tell me someone else had a hair disaster with this crazy weather.

Monday, June 3, 2013

A lovers weekend in Richmond

After the gym, Nick and I set off to get some brunch

Organic everything french toast... wasn't half bad

I absolutely LOVE to feed animals... so I spent the morning feeding squirrels ritz crackers.  I ended up with about 9 hungry squirrels around me... BLISS I tell you
Some arm candy.  I was a little distracted at church if you couldn't tell
I may or may not have gone to the Greek festival twice in one weekend to get baklava #obsessed #fatkid

My failed attempt at a style blog outfit shot... AKA- Akward

I hope you all had a great weekend!!  Let me know how yours went :)