Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I'm wearing Wednesday

Headed out the door to work- That may or may not be the same messy bun I slept in

Dress from Forever 21 
 Shoes from J Crew
(I promise I looked cuter than this...  I am looking a little sleepy in this pic)

Date night with Nick
Blouse- J Crew  
Jeans- NY and Co  
Shoes- Madewell  
Scarf -NY and Co

church outfit
All J Crew

Sunday Picnic
Blouse, cardigan and scarf - JCrew
Bag- Fossil

A Mellow Yellow Monday
Blouse- JCrew
Leggings- ?
Flats- Banana Republic

Cardigan- American Eagle
Shirt- Forever 21
Jeans- NY and Co
Necklace and bracelet- J Crew

Shirt- J Crew
Skirt- Target
Necklace- JCrew
Nail Polish- Essie Cute as a Button

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Awesome and awkward


Yes you are reading that correctly, it was 86 inside of the gym where I teach body attack... I was miserable and completely unmotivating  NEVER AGAIN  #coachfail
Nick and I found ourselves here... at Quantico... a man with a flashlight and a gun came after us...

Studying night after night for my  master trainer exam... DEATH

That would be some forest fires about a mile or two from my house... I may or may not have called geico and bought renters insurance that second

My croissant and wiener... 

Some of my favorite sandals kicked the bucket while I was at work... meaning I had to be bare foot at work...  at least I painted my toes

Having the motivation to start lifting again... hopefully I will need a wedding dress soon and I want my body to be ready for it!
I was able to meet up with my friend sandy and meet her new baby!  We have known each other since birth and we only live an hour away!!

Any awesome and awkwardness??

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I'm wearing Wednesday

Linking up with Life with Elizabeth

Today was a maxi skirt kind of day:
Skirt-  Made it!
Shirt- Forever 21
Necklace- Forever 21

Dress- Forever 21
Cardigan- J Crew
Shoes Vero Cuoio  (AMAZING)
Watch- Fossil

Look at those gorgeous shoes... I am dying!


Skirt- J Crew
Shirt- J Crew
Shoes- Nine West

Monday, April 15, 2013

DC in the Spring

Last weekend was scheduled to be the peak for the cherry blossoms in DC so Nick and I headed down there for the day on Saturday

We stopped in Alexandria for a bite to eat before catching the metro into DC
This is a horrible camera angle for me... I look like I gained 30 pounds

Our first DC metro experience.. I was pleasantly surprised.

After a long metro ride we walked and walked looking for the cherry blossoms and they were no where to be found... we were too early :(

We were able to find one tree that had bloomed so we waited in line with all the other disappointed people so we could at least get a picture with a blooming tree
DC at sunset... so romantic

Speaking of romantic... we found ourselves on Quantico...  we had an angry security officer coming at the car so Nick just backed out and booked it out of there

We had an Irish brunch... maple bacon pancakes... yes pancakes with bacon inside of them!
Nick and I took a nice walk around the canal in Richmond... 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring into Spring

It is finally time!!  It is time to break out the lemonade, the dresses and the open toed shoes!!  I am so excited the warm weather has finally arrived, I am ready to put away the boots and sweaters and breakout the sundresses.   Here are my steps to prepare for spring.

1. Fix your feet.  No one wants to see snaggle nails and crusty heels... so clean em up and show them off

2. Tan!! (UV Free)  You can show off those gorgeous legs in a cute sun dress but make sure you don't blind the rest of us by not bronzing up a little.
3. Grab some flowers and open the windows- Your house should look and feel like the gorgeous weather, sunny, fresh and inviting

4. Throw on the running shoes and lululemon's and get to moving!  This weather is perfect for starting a running routine, biking around town or just walking your fur baby around the block

5.  Plan a picnic- pack some lemonade, fruit, bread and cheese and enjoy nature before the sweltering heat and mosquitos

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Awesome and awkward


Shoe shopping at discount prices!    I have a slight obsession with yellow right now if you cant tell
Breaking out the rain boots at the self serve car wash... 
Coming across letters from Nick from 6 years ago!  He was def a romantic, I am so glad I saved them

JCrew factory store...

Some more Jcrew factory store finds!  Look at those beautiful shoes!!

Birchbox opening dinner, my friend Amanda had the idea to go out to dinner and open our birchboxes...  Such a great night, too bad my box sucked

I cut off the Neck of a mink coat and wore it over a sweater, it was pretty fabulous

enjoying Easter with my cute man candy in Mayberry

My gorgeous Easter present from Nick.   Poor guy def spoils me :)

I have no words... This is how she does her business
I went out and bought a blender... in the process of making my first smoothie... it breaks :(  What a waste of delish strawberries-  Note to self.. cheap means cheap
I wore this to a wedding reception and 3 people asked me if I meant to dress like Snow White... too bad it took me until the third person telling me to understand why they were saying it  Oh well... I love this outfit... 

Mean girls style:  "it's snowing... Its April....   you can't sit with us!!"