Thursday, April 4, 2013

Awesome and awkward


Shoe shopping at discount prices!    I have a slight obsession with yellow right now if you cant tell
Breaking out the rain boots at the self serve car wash... 
Coming across letters from Nick from 6 years ago!  He was def a romantic, I am so glad I saved them

JCrew factory store...

Some more Jcrew factory store finds!  Look at those beautiful shoes!!

Birchbox opening dinner, my friend Amanda had the idea to go out to dinner and open our birchboxes...  Such a great night, too bad my box sucked

I cut off the Neck of a mink coat and wore it over a sweater, it was pretty fabulous

enjoying Easter with my cute man candy in Mayberry

My gorgeous Easter present from Nick.   Poor guy def spoils me :)

I have no words... This is how she does her business
I went out and bought a blender... in the process of making my first smoothie... it breaks :(  What a waste of delish strawberries-  Note to self.. cheap means cheap
I wore this to a wedding reception and 3 people asked me if I meant to dress like Snow White... too bad it took me until the third person telling me to understand why they were saying it  Oh well... I love this outfit... 

Mean girls style:  "it's snowing... Its April....   you can't sit with us!!"

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