Thursday, April 18, 2013

Awesome and awkward


Yes you are reading that correctly, it was 86 inside of the gym where I teach body attack... I was miserable and completely unmotivating  NEVER AGAIN  #coachfail
Nick and I found ourselves here... at Quantico... a man with a flashlight and a gun came after us...

Studying night after night for my  master trainer exam... DEATH

That would be some forest fires about a mile or two from my house... I may or may not have called geico and bought renters insurance that second

My croissant and wiener... 

Some of my favorite sandals kicked the bucket while I was at work... meaning I had to be bare foot at work...  at least I painted my toes

Having the motivation to start lifting again... hopefully I will need a wedding dress soon and I want my body to be ready for it!
I was able to meet up with my friend sandy and meet her new baby!  We have known each other since birth and we only live an hour away!!

Any awesome and awkwardness??

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