Monday, April 15, 2013

DC in the Spring

Last weekend was scheduled to be the peak for the cherry blossoms in DC so Nick and I headed down there for the day on Saturday

We stopped in Alexandria for a bite to eat before catching the metro into DC
This is a horrible camera angle for me... I look like I gained 30 pounds

Our first DC metro experience.. I was pleasantly surprised.

After a long metro ride we walked and walked looking for the cherry blossoms and they were no where to be found... we were too early :(

We were able to find one tree that had bloomed so we waited in line with all the other disappointed people so we could at least get a picture with a blooming tree
DC at sunset... so romantic

Speaking of romantic... we found ourselves on Quantico...  we had an angry security officer coming at the car so Nick just backed out and booked it out of there

We had an Irish brunch... maple bacon pancakes... yes pancakes with bacon inside of them!
Nick and I took a nice walk around the canal in Richmond... 

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