Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring into Spring

It is finally time!!  It is time to break out the lemonade, the dresses and the open toed shoes!!  I am so excited the warm weather has finally arrived, I am ready to put away the boots and sweaters and breakout the sundresses.   Here are my steps to prepare for spring.

1. Fix your feet.  No one wants to see snaggle nails and crusty heels... so clean em up and show them off

2. Tan!! (UV Free)  You can show off those gorgeous legs in a cute sun dress but make sure you don't blind the rest of us by not bronzing up a little.
3. Grab some flowers and open the windows- Your house should look and feel like the gorgeous weather, sunny, fresh and inviting

4. Throw on the running shoes and lululemon's and get to moving!  This weather is perfect for starting a running routine, biking around town or just walking your fur baby around the block

5.  Plan a picnic- pack some lemonade, fruit, bread and cheese and enjoy nature before the sweltering heat and mosquitos

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