Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Lovin...

Nick and I love to go to the pool, one of my favorites is his sister in law's parents house.
Nick's brother Corey (on the right) dared Nick to jump through a kids tube... Nick never backs down from a dare...
Nick and I at The Quarter in Roanoke. Its a really cute New Orleans style restaurant
We love the atmosphere, and the food
Me downing a coke zero after eating Indian food
Nick and I watching the Indian Festival
Bhel and some weird fried spinach thing... the bhel was really good but had some kick to it
Nick threatened me if I posted this picture of him... only time will tell. I dont think he even knows the link to this blog haha But for kicks I will do a disclaimer
*Nick does no look like this in real life, its a mix of 90 degree weather, hot food, and his despising of taking pictures of him eating*
Dancing!!! It was so much fun to watch, I just loved the culture. There were some old people tearing it up out there
We love to try and vary up our dates so Nick found and Indian festival in downtown Roanoke... We had never been to anything like it. We had a great time!
Please excuse the 100% humidity hair happening in all of these pictures...
Have you guys gone to any festivals lately?
Tried Indian food?
Downed an entire can of pop because your mouth is burning off when you know the person you are "sharing" it with is prob having their tongue burnt off as well? :)

What I'm loving!

1) I was able to see ma familia last week, sadly it was for a funeral but it was really great to see them all again
2) Nick and I go to Myrlte Beach on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not contain my excitement
3) My little pink rose bush my co-workers got me while I was gone, I love it
4) Jilliam Micheals ripped in 30 DVD.... No I am not trading it in for Spinning or Body Attack but this DVD is AWESOME! My co-worker and I do it on our lunch break and you really sweat in those 24 minutes
5) I am getting a pedicure with this new polish called Shellac! Apparently it stays on for 3 weeks... omg SO. EXCITED.
6) I found out Sprint is getting the iPhone!!!!!!!!! halleluiah I am getting that little booger in November

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Solo Sunday

So I have been wanting to make a bib necklace for some time now. So I made a trip to walmart and grabbed these pretty little beads
Some felt

and just started rolling some beads around until I found an arrangement I could stand and then I just started glueing

The finished product!... Now I just need to get some ribbon to tie it on

Nick had to work until 10pm on a Sunday so I was left home alone without internet or TV soooo naturally it turns into a photo shoot with my cat.... (Sad Sad life I lead)
Practicing my camera skillz

and again

Here is my cheesy smile.... it happens a lot
So welcome to my world of Sunday afternoons without a BF... thank goodness he wont be doing that again... I cant take itPosted by Picasa

Georgia on my Mind

Sarcastic enthusiasm about the 8 hours I would be spending in the car
My driver...

The Olympic Torch :)

Uhm... Delish death on a bun... the grease is outrageous but oh so good

I am looking a little funky in this, I am not sure why

Nick telling the poor woman who doesnt speak english what to include in the picture


The only picture we didnt take in the last 20 minutes of our trip
Ok so the back story. Nick had an internship at Invesco last summer and some of his old bosses wanted to have lunch with him. Nick has been looking around for a new job and this little opportunity cam up. So we packed our bags and headed down. So we left Thursday night since I had to be in Richmond for work until 3. We stopped and spent the night at Nicks parents house and set the alarm for 4am!!!!!!
It was a hectic morning since Nick had a meeting with HR at 10am and we had a 5 and a half hour drive. We get to Nicks meeting and I am stuck by myself in Atlanta for 2 hours so where do I go? The mall. But this is no ordinary trip. Nick's car is a stick. katie does not drive a stick... Katie def does not drive a stick through downtown friggin Atlanta.... So I almost died twice...but I made it to the mall :) can I just tell you it was fabulous. Banana Republic was having killer sales so I grabed a skirt for me and a sweater for Nick and headed back to pick up the man. The GPS said it would take me 10 minutes to get to the restaurant where I was to meet some of the upper level management. WRONG It took me 30 minutes of one way streets, 2 parking garages and walking 4 blocks in 100 degree weather and heels to show up looking like a hot mess and being 30 minutes late.
THEN Nick has another meeting, I told him no more driving for me. So i got to sit in the lounge and read my book (Love the One you are with) have unlimited supply of coke and sit in air conditioning. This meeting was an hour and then another two hours of me getting to meet all of these mysterious people.
So after me acting like such a good girl Nick took me to an out door mall where I just fawned over everything I didnt need to buy and sweating to death in the Atlanta heat.
We met up with Nick's old friend Arjun who showed us around downtown Atlanta and we ate at an awesome burger bar place.
We called it a night after that and headed to Nick's Aunt's house for some shut eye.
The plans for Saturday were to go to the lake and jet ski. Well ofcourse it storms... the one day we can go so we just hung around the house until we me up with Nick's old boss for dinner.
The next day we jumped in the hot tub before getting ready to head out of town. We packed our things and as we are passing through downtown Atlanta on our way to VA... Nick heard me gasp when we passed the Varsity so we stopped in and grabbed a few hot dogs and headed back home.
Not the most fun trip but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
Do you guys have any favorite spots to go to in Atlanta?
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thankful Thursday

ok so I apologize for the totally depressing post earlier in the day.
What better way to beat the blues than to make a list of the good stuff in my life soo here goes....
Thankful for...
1) My job, I love it and my coworkers are the bomb
2) Chocolate covered pretzels... they satisfy all my cravings... sweet and salty goodness
3) My awesome family who continue to support me
4) I found a roommate!! woohoo no more months of paying all the rent and utilities
5) having a fun weekend visiting Atlanta last week... I will post pictures soon
6) Spin classes are going great! but I get a 3 week break that I am def looking forward to.
7)My coworker was in a little fender bender but she doesnt have a scratch
8)watching all the seasons of Friends... pure bliss if you ask me.... oonagie (I cant spell it)
9) All you followers who comment!! I seriously love you .... I try to comment back but whenever I go to look at it, my comment disappears. So please know that somewhere in cyberspace I have commented back to you and just picture a huge grin on my face because you showed some lovin'
10) Gracias to all the people who listen to my whine and complain and vent about relationship crap... One day it will stop... hopefully :)
11) Myrtle Beach is in like 3 weeks!!!!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

That Girl...

Ok so I am a total blog copy cat and I have been seeing a lot of these posts basically I just throw a bunch of random facts about myself and then you should comment :) jk (but seriously you should)
I'm that girl who secretly envies EVERYONE who is engaged, married..etc
I hate when people.... crack their knuckles/any body part for that matter, say the phrase "you know.." chew loudly, burp/fart, take a hundred years in the drive through, dirty cars, wrinkled clothes at church, poor grammer, hate on body attack without even coming to the class cause they know it would kick their trash... and many more :)
I dig out all the cookie dough from chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream ... YUM
Secretly I would love to be a stepford wife... .look fabulous, be able to cook anything, live in a gigantic house... etc
I love to cuddle
I am a sucker for my neices and nephews...
I judge people when there children are running around like maniacs in public
I have a ton of clothes but I always feel like I have nothing to wear...
I can be really really shy
Sometimes I act like I dont see people if I think they may not say hi or wave back to me
I must sing in the car... no matter who is in there with me
Nick and I would both leave each other for Jennifer Aniston
I thoroughly enjoy meatloaf...and Debbie's taquitos
I feel guilty about the way I acted when I was a teenager... hopefully I can make it up to my mom lol
I am a trashy TV addict.... give me some bachelorette, greys anatomy, and keeping up with the Kardashians ANY DAY
I am scared of divorce
I have never left wal mart without buying at least one thing
I am soooooo scared of throwing up, getting stung by a jelly fish or getting eaten by a shark
I am half French (my mom is straight of the boat/plane) and my dad is American with European background and people always ask me if I am Greek...or Lebanese... Switched at birth?
Please do not judge me for some of these hahaha