Friday, December 16, 2011


Nicks cousin and his wife surprised us with UNC basketball tickets for Nick's birthday/christmas present. So last Saturday we packed up and headed south.

Me and Mr Man...

We were pretty high up to start with

A winning game smoocheroo

I do not have words...

Me and Ash with Ramsey!
After the game

Yes that is me with Kendall Marshall  :)

We are headed down to Chapel Hill again for tomorrow's game so I am crossing my fingers that I can meet/squeeze Harrison Barnes' arms....  No judge ok!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Awkward and Awesome


  1. not blogging for oh say... 5 weeks  :(  Je suis desole (I am sorry)
  2. Being a Mormon and having such a rough day that the thought of drinking almost sounded appealing (don't worry mom I didn't)
  3. walking into my room and finding my cat puked 3 times on my white carpet,  three very large times
  4. Nick still has no heat at his house (long story) so he has to take showers at my house... so I have men's body wash and his towels in my bathroom...
  5. Being sick for the second time this in 3 weeks...
  6. Having your boyfriend refer to you as the cat in the hat every time you where striped leggings for pj's
  7. Writing thank you notes for gifts given to you last month... I feel kind of lame but I have been a tad busy
  8. Almost crashing your old car into your new car an hour after purchasing it
  9. Stalling out at a green light... oh the joys of a stick shift... good thing my car is adorable and I had good hair that day otherwise I probably would have been judged/flicked off
  10. Screaming when the lights turned off at work... we had just been talking about the place being haunted and bam! the lights when out -  I did do the murder scream, completely unintended
  11. Running a 15k on a Saturday and going through Spinning certification on a Sunday... less awkward more ridiculously exhausting
  12. Eating pizza right before bed and having the weirdest dreams... am I a 6 year old? what the heck?

  1. Meeting Debbie's adorable baby girl!
  2. Running a 15k!  hecka yes!  I did eat 3 trays worth of fondue... no judge
  3. My mom is moving into her new house today!!  woop woop!  I am so pumped to see it!
  4. Girls night tonight!  Nick is in St Louis for work so home girl is hitting the town
  5. Essie nail polish
  6. Trying on my dream engagement ring and finding the price completely doable ... well I think it's doable
  7. My friend Kari is going on a mission next month!!!!    props to her for being willing to give up a year and a half to serve for our church
  8. Getting a new flipping car!!!!!!   I will post pictures... 
  9. it is December 15th and it is 64 degrees... oh the south... sometimes I really do appreciate you
  10. Going to a UNC game and getting to meet Roy Williams and stalking some players...  I did not get to see Barnes :(  I may have a slight crush... it could be because his arms are delicious
  11. Christmas bonus... lets just say Katie is buying her self some huge pearl earrings I have been lusting or a coach purse...
  12. Nick is going to visit me in NY for New Years!!  woop woop!!!
  13. Christmas shopping is almost completed- thank you Amazon and Groupon  you made my life so simple

Well that is it for me today!   My life has calmed down quite a bit so I will try and post some pictures and stories of the last 5 weeks.  

Love you guys!    Leave some cute comments for me :)