Friday, December 16, 2011


Nicks cousin and his wife surprised us with UNC basketball tickets for Nick's birthday/christmas present. So last Saturday we packed up and headed south.

Me and Mr Man...

We were pretty high up to start with

A winning game smoocheroo

I do not have words...

Me and Ash with Ramsey!
After the game

Yes that is me with Kendall Marshall  :)

We are headed down to Chapel Hill again for tomorrow's game so I am crossing my fingers that I can meet/squeeze Harrison Barnes' arms....  No judge ok!


  1. katie, i love you.
    but i wanna slap nick and say "put a ring on it already!" haha.
    so we are looking at VCU for grad school.... i'm practically begging austin to go there. haha

    1. You should!!! We would be so close!

  2. Hey!!! From one Tar Heel to another, I love this post and wish I could've gone along to the game with you. :)