Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bachelorette Mental Picture

Every week Nick and I go over to our friends house (Debbie and Tyler)and we watch Bachelorette. The boys pretended to hate watching it with us when we first started... then they started to critique the guys and wait for it.... chose favorites! When Debbie and I were going to watch it one night while the guys were at Poker Nite, we both got the "I thought we watch that together" line from both boys!!!

So now that you understand the back story of our love of bachelorette here is how this weeks events played out.

Nick cancelled poker night at his house so we could hang out since I am leaving for NY (today!!) Debbie and I had planned on doing a girls night and getting some of our long awaited crafts done. I decided that I could not cancel with Debbie since I barely ever see that girl so the answer was that we all watch Bachelorette at 8. Let me remind you that this weeks episode was when BENTLEY came back!! DRAMA so we were all really excited about this episode since he was such a tool on the show.

So Nick texts me that he will be over for dinner at 745, I text him back saying that we are going to have to pound down dinner to make it over to Debbies for Bachelorette. So Nick arrives at 750 and we start to eat. We figure that the Bentley part wont be until the middle or the end of the show. So at 810 we start to stroll to the car to head over to Debbie's house. I get a phone call and its Debbie saying to hurry up and that Bently is on right now!! I told Nick and we start speed walking to the car, he guns it to their house and as we pull into driveway he yells "GO GO GOOOOO!!! run!!!!!!!!!" (mind you, the car is still moving as he is telling me to get out) OMG I lost it!!!!! I was laughing so hard!! Nick, mr man ..who loves, fishing, camping, sushi, and investing was telling me to hurry up so we didnt miss Bentley on the Bachelorette!

I hope you all enjoyed that mental picture as much as I enjoyed the real thing.

What were your bachelorette thoughts?

My choice for the winner....
1) JP
2)Ben F

Monday, June 13, 2011

Yan Yan Review

"Cat Say Meow"
Yan Yan fits in any cup holder :)

"Mouse - Do not be timid"
"Chicken- kokekokko" (your guess is as good as mine at what noise that is suppose to be)
"Yan Yan" the delish dunkable cracker sticks hahaha
So Nick and I had to run to wal-mart at midnight to pick up supplies for dinner the next day. We also wanted to find seaweed for sushi. So Nick is looking for sushi and finds these babies. He holds it up and I just burst into laughter and I was in total agreement. $.94 later we were enjoying these masterpieces in the car. Each stick has an animal and either a noise or a weird definition that makes no sense to me but we were just dying as we read them all.
If you could not see in the pictures, the tube is divided into two sections. One pond of chocolate, and one stack of cracker sticks.
Step 1) rip off paper top
Step 2) Grab stick
Step 3) read ridiuclous message on stick
Step 4) Dunk stick into chocolate
Step 5) Enjoy cholocate covered stick of ridiculousness
I urge all of you to buy at least one tube of Yan yan... its not delish or anything but omg it is $.94 of a good time.

Memorial Day

We packed a little picnic to try and save some money and I have to say it was pretty dang good
To the left is the "Flow Rider" aka Nick's new love, I may post a video of him riding it because it is like a kid in a candy store, I swear he shot me the "Mom look at me!" look while he was riding it haha

Here is the delish restaurant we ate at on Saturday
oh my gosh, I LOVE this stuff

Nicks hand print

So Friday night of Memorial Day weekend Nick and I made some Muddy Buddies, my most favoritest dessert We watched some movie, I can't remember since that's what we do at least once a week haha but as you can see he got a little fresh with the powdered sugar :) (It was all him mom)

On Saturday we went to this little water park about 45 minutes away, we found our way to a little festival that I was too lazy to bring my camera to. It was so cute we saw some BMX bikers do some tricks, we bought some coffee table games, and snuck into a concert haha. All that made us pretty hungry so we found an awesome New Orleans restaurant. (My apologies for the upside down picture)

Sunday we just spent the day doing nothing, and eating We went over to Nicks cousin's apt and we told them about our idea to hit up a big water park Monday. They were on board.
We had planned on going to VA Beach but nothing was working our correctly so this was our make shift vacation and it was soooo much fun!!!!
PS I am so sorry that the format of this post is crazy, for some reason I am inept and can not understand how to post pictures in a chronological way

Friday, June 10, 2011

It's me Katie! Do you remember me?


I am so sorry about being M.I.A for like 2 weeks. My computer is at the IT dept getting fixed as we speak so hopefully I will be able to post some pictures on here soon.

I dont have cable and I dont have internet at my house because a) cable is way too over priced b) I was stealing my neighbors internet for the last 10 months so I didnt bother and they have now cancelled soooooo thats that.

In the mean time I have been reading, yes I never thought the day would come that I chose a book over trashy TV but I borrorowed some books from a co worker and I have read 2 Nicholas Sparks books this week. Poor Nick, I have been such dork with all of these romance books in my head. So I started with "The Lucky One" which was sooooo adorable and I am just finishing up "The Choice" They are not anything life changing, they are both well paced easy reads.

I have a whole stack next to my bed, mixing some business books, with nutrition, and just enjoyment books. Now all I need is a hammock and a cabana boy.... "ohhh NIIICCCKK" just kidding I always joke that I need a "volunteer" (aka a slave) to rub my feet and bring me things since Nick hates (he denies that he hates rubbing my feet but everytime I prop them up on his legs and wiggle my toes and give him the "you know what to do" look he just huffs and rubs his thumb in a circle twice and calls it a foot rub) doing both.

Side note, I have been wanting to make a trip home this summer and just could not find a feasible ticket price so I gave up on the idea. I found out yesterday that my best friend Sandy (lives and hour and half from me) will be driving back to our home town for the 4th of July. So basically I am buying a one way plane ticket home and driving back to the big VA with her... saving tons of money and getting to see my family and friends. I seriously can not stop thinking about all the things I miss. Abbotts ice cream, walking on the pier, eating a garbage plate, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I just can not contain my excitement.

I promise I will post some happenings and pictures as soon as my computer is free from its internet problems... anyone want to donate a new lap top to the "Katie is too cheap to buy one" cause? Let me know :)

Have a great weekend everyone!!