Monday, June 13, 2011

Memorial Day

We packed a little picnic to try and save some money and I have to say it was pretty dang good
To the left is the "Flow Rider" aka Nick's new love, I may post a video of him riding it because it is like a kid in a candy store, I swear he shot me the "Mom look at me!" look while he was riding it haha

Here is the delish restaurant we ate at on Saturday
oh my gosh, I LOVE this stuff

Nicks hand print

So Friday night of Memorial Day weekend Nick and I made some Muddy Buddies, my most favoritest dessert We watched some movie, I can't remember since that's what we do at least once a week haha but as you can see he got a little fresh with the powdered sugar :) (It was all him mom)

On Saturday we went to this little water park about 45 minutes away, we found our way to a little festival that I was too lazy to bring my camera to. It was so cute we saw some BMX bikers do some tricks, we bought some coffee table games, and snuck into a concert haha. All that made us pretty hungry so we found an awesome New Orleans restaurant. (My apologies for the upside down picture)

Sunday we just spent the day doing nothing, and eating We went over to Nicks cousin's apt and we told them about our idea to hit up a big water park Monday. They were on board.
We had planned on going to VA Beach but nothing was working our correctly so this was our make shift vacation and it was soooo much fun!!!!
PS I am so sorry that the format of this post is crazy, for some reason I am inept and can not understand how to post pictures in a chronological way

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  1. Are muddy buddies the same thing as puppy chow?! ;)