Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Velcro rollers- heaven for hair

I have heard lots of women talk about putting in some velcro rollers as they do their makeup and then take them out and it is volume central.

I had an awesome HIT class and then I needed to go to an important meeting for work.  (Background info: I only wash my hair twice a week,  I am not a grease monkey and my hair gets dry really easily so this works for me)  So I just grabbed my round brush and my blow dryer, and did a quick scan to the front and backside of the hair the brush was holding.  I quickly put in the velcro roller, facing the back of my head.  I used 6 rollers total.   I used duck clips to secure the rollers.   I finished my makeup and then did a quick spray with Tresemme hairspray.
My bathroom has ZERO natural light so please excuse the shadows under my eyes

Look at that volume and curl!!!!!!   I am a BELIEVER

Velcro Rollers Here
Clips Here
Hairspray Here

Outfit Details:
Blouse- Limited (old) Similar
Skirt J Crew (old)  Similar

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Five

1.  Mama needs a new pair of running shoes...  I spotted these puppies on Pinterest.   Must. Find. Them

2. I decided to finally do one of the many Pinterest challenges out there... This month's challenge... Squats

I took before pictures just to see... I wont be sharing them because unlike the half naked butts on pinterest, I have crazy tan lines on mine...    I am on day 5 already...  I can honestly say it hasn't been too bad.  We will see how I am talking when I start getting into the hundreds.

3. Nick got me the most gorgeous purse for Christmas and I just cant get enough of it.  It truly makes any outfit look put together and chic.  Pretty sure he only agreed because he saw a picture of Ashley Greene carrying it.

Selma Tote

4.  I may or may not follow Michelle Money on YouTube...  She and her friend did a whole video on how import it is to tint your lashes.  Since I pretty much refuse to go to a salon for anything I can do myself, I looked up at home lash tinting.  This shall be done.  I will def take some before and after pictures for you.

Lash Tint- Michelle Money

5.  Sonia Kashuk Brush-  I keep hearing about how amazing the Mason Pearson brush is... and all I can hear is them saying "I'm cray cray for thinking a brush is worth $100" so I looked up a knock off version.  You know it that TarJay came to the rescue on that one.  $15... I can do that
Sonia Kashuk Brush

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm back, I promise- Recap of the past 3 months

Hey guys,   my name is Katie... you may remember me...  I used to blog and then I got lazy.

But its ok honeychildren, I am back. You would think with the two and a half months I spent unemployed I would be blogging all the time because I had so much free time.   Well netflix and my lack of cool things happening to me got in the way.

So this is the recap...   I moved to Buckhead in Atlanta GA.

I was actively applying for jobs... and watching LOTS of Netflix. 

Every person that watches Netflix ever
Friday Night Lights, all the Kardashians, Pretty Little Liars, White Collar, The Lying Game... oy

So just so you don't think I was a total bum, I really was going to interviews and doing phone interviews.  I kept getting to the final round of interviews and then I would get the turn down email.  Which would make me binge on Netflix and cookies

I finally landed a Body Attack and Spinning job.  Which helped me to get a free gym membership.  HECK YEAH!  Which is where I took my first BodyPump class.  If you haven't tried it.  Put your spandex on and get to a gym woman!  It is AMAZING  

I could barely walk the next day, but it was good.  My butt and legs looked amazing :)

Well the holidays grew nearer and the job postings became more sparse...  I noticed my savings account was dwindling and I started to have regular crying sessions.  I really didn't know what I was going to do.  I was running out of money to pay my rent and get a plane ticket and buy Christmas presents.

But life goes on.  I just prayed like crazy.  I went home to see my family and got snowed in.  It was a great two weeks.  It ended with flights being cancelled and sleeping in the airport but it wouldn't be the holidays without a little spice.   

So on to the good part.  Right before the holidays, I got an email from the American Cancer Society (I had already had 3 interviews).  They wanted to know if I was still looking for a job.  I emailed and said that I was.  Well I didn't hear much after that and figured either that was 1. really random. 2. they ended up finding someone else. 3. They have a really long holiday break.

After I got home for Christmas I decided to send a follow up email.  The next day I received an email stating that they were waiting for HR to set up an interview with me....  hmmm that sounds good.

(please excuse the pile of laundry waiting to be washed and my mirror not even being hung up yet)

Well they finally set up an interview with me on Tuesday morning.  I thought the interview went great. I came home and watched like 6 hours of Downton Abbey.  I was getting so depressed, I knew if I got this job I was going to have to change my wedding date, but it also meant I had the job!.
Well not long later, I missed a call from HR asking me to call them back.  I did and the OFFERED ME A JOB!!!!!!!!!

I will finally get to wear all of the JCrew pencil skirts I have been hoarding and only wearing to church!  Hopefully I can buy myself a larger mirror and do more outfit posts for you. :)   

As excited as I am about being employed I have some major wedding overhauling to do.  Like finding a new date and switching the date of all of my venues...  PRAY for ME
My last week and a half of being unemployed will be spent wedding planning, enjoying going to the gym at 10am, painting my nails a million times and pinteresting all new work outfits.