Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Velcro rollers- heaven for hair

I have heard lots of women talk about putting in some velcro rollers as they do their makeup and then take them out and it is volume central.

I had an awesome HIT class and then I needed to go to an important meeting for work.  (Background info: I only wash my hair twice a week,  I am not a grease monkey and my hair gets dry really easily so this works for me)  So I just grabbed my round brush and my blow dryer, and did a quick scan to the front and backside of the hair the brush was holding.  I quickly put in the velcro roller, facing the back of my head.  I used 6 rollers total.   I used duck clips to secure the rollers.   I finished my makeup and then did a quick spray with Tresemme hairspray.
My bathroom has ZERO natural light so please excuse the shadows under my eyes

Look at that volume and curl!!!!!!   I am a BELIEVER

Velcro Rollers Here
Clips Here
Hairspray Here

Outfit Details:
Blouse- Limited (old) Similar
Skirt J Crew (old)  Similar

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