Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mothers Day Recap

Let me explain a back story. For some reason I always sleep for years at Nicks parents house. So after church I go upstairs and lay down, during my 3 hour nap I hear a saw, a drill, some yelling, and some southern accents. Nick comes up to wake me up with Socks sewn into bean bags and he begs me to come down stairs to play corn hole... yes during my 3 hour nap he and his dad built corn hole ... holes? and his mom sewed some socks into bean bags hahahaha..... It ended up being a huge hit!! I only included a few pictures but there were a bunch of people playing. And for all of those Yankees like me corn hole is essentially bean bag toss with rules played at any event deemed suitable.

The cute little blondes are Nick nephew and niece who are just way too cute!!

Anyways, I love going to visit Nick's family, his mom is hilarious and loves to cook and his siblings are all around our age so we have some amazing game nights.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

One of my favorite places

A few friends of ours told us about this place and we never bothered to look it up until a few months ago. It is this beautiful garden that an elderly couple started. It has a huge children's play place including a mud kitchen, a digging to china pit and a dinosaur bone farm.
Next you walk through a green house, and down tons of different paths. There are a few marshes with little look outs to spy on turtles and frogs.
Then you walk up to this large open field with these amazing wooden sculptures of an eagles nest, a bed, etc. My favorite is this random piano sitting in the field... Hello Country music video.

My apologies, I can not figure out how to edit the pictures to flip them around... so you are just going to have to tilt you head for now :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The cutest boy on the block

So I thought I would tell you a little about one of my favorite men. Meet Nicholas also known as Nick, Nickolai, sweet cheeks, and macaroni.

We met at the school gym my freshman year. I saw him and immediately was crushing. We were both gym rats and he would do the gym flirt with me... basically we always made eye contact and he would strut around trying to impress me with his muscles. Eventually a mutual friend got my number and gave it to him... long story short we have been dating ever since.

He is a cute southern boy from Mayberry who stills says "mama" and "ya'll" and sometimes "taters" but only if I'm lucky.

He is super intelligent and loves investing (I could care less about that crap), he has a sweet spot for my cat Cher and was nice enough to foster a cat that we found on the side of the road. He loves a good steak and walking with me on the beach.

Quirks- hates washing dishes, coughs to cover up when he farts *do not tell him I posted that*, he has to make his food look symmetrical (its sooo weird and it takes him a year to make a taco)

Things I love- his accent, his face, the fact he doesnt have weird boy feet, he will almost always give me his pizza crust (its my fav part), he knows how to deal with my craziness, doesnt mind waiting in the dressing room while I make him judge every article of clothing, he understands that I have the trashiest taste in TV shoes and a love for Ke$ha, he is very driven meaning he is going to get a rock awesome job and buy a huge house and allow me to just teach all teh fitness classes that I want :), he has the funniest laugh if I touch his stomach, he lets me dig out all the cookie dough from chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, and he gives the best hugs sometimes.

All in all his is a fantastic guy and I am so glad he is in my life...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lame-o Thankful Thursday

1) Nick is playing in his first golf tournament (and its raining)
2) My spin and sports circuit classes will be taking a little break so I can finally have a life on Tuesdays and Thursdays!!
3) My mom loved her mothers day gift which I was totally able to get a groupon deal for ( A picture book from picaboo)
4) eggo waffles- I have had them 2 out of the past 3 days for lunch
5) Aleve- My wisdom teeth have made my gums swell so badly... it is painful to just touch the side of my face
6) Modern Family- By far the BEST show on TV "you're still blinking honey"
7) I ran into a volunteer for the SPCA yesterday and found out they were having a spay and neuter clinic and I was able to bring Gia (our foster cat) to get spayed this morning!! no more cat pee on everything!
8) Cinnamon toast crunch- I never buy sugar cereals but I just had this urge last week. So I decided that I would leave it at Nicks house in case I ever wanted a snack... yeahh I am rushing through dinner to get to my "snack", I may have a problem

Sorry this is really lame... Its raining, I feel fat, and my teeth are killing me... and I have to teach two classes tonight. So I am thinking tonight maybe some digornio pizza and watching some greys with Nick -he just doesn't know it yet :)

PS He texted me an update that despite the pouring rain his team is 5 under par!!! woop woop- I am attributing it to the new golf shoes I got him :) and maybe his skills too lol

PPS I promise, one day I will post some picture but for now I am at the mercy of my internet at work.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thankful Thursday

1) Seeing my family this past weekend was soooo much fun!!

2) Nick and him dealing with my craziness

3) My cat... I just love her she brings me lots of joy

4) The amazing sunshine happening this afternoon

5) My coworkers- they just make this place so much fun!

6) Nutella and strawberry crepes

7)My church- it has such a great influence on me

8) Maybe having a new place to live (cross your fingers)

9) Its my half birthday today!!! so I made frozen strawberry margharita(sp?) cake... virgin of course

10) All my friends here in VA