Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mothers Day Recap

Let me explain a back story. For some reason I always sleep for years at Nicks parents house. So after church I go upstairs and lay down, during my 3 hour nap I hear a saw, a drill, some yelling, and some southern accents. Nick comes up to wake me up with Socks sewn into bean bags and he begs me to come down stairs to play corn hole... yes during my 3 hour nap he and his dad built corn hole ... holes? and his mom sewed some socks into bean bags hahahaha..... It ended up being a huge hit!! I only included a few pictures but there were a bunch of people playing. And for all of those Yankees like me corn hole is essentially bean bag toss with rules played at any event deemed suitable.

The cute little blondes are Nick nephew and niece who are just way too cute!!

Anyways, I love going to visit Nick's family, his mom is hilarious and loves to cook and his siblings are all around our age so we have some amazing game nights.


  1. You and your naps, too funny. Love ya :)

  2. Corn Hole is a regular game around here! Love that game!! Considering how many times I've played, I should be better at it! Glad they introduced you to it! :o)

  3. I love it! but my bf can attest, if I feel any kind of pressure to win.... I am horrible

  4. I've played that game before... but trust me I'm not that good! Ha! What a fun blog!