Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thankful Thursday

1) Seeing my family this past weekend was soooo much fun!!

2) Nick and him dealing with my craziness

3) My cat... I just love her she brings me lots of joy

4) The amazing sunshine happening this afternoon

5) My coworkers- they just make this place so much fun!

6) Nutella and strawberry crepes

7)My church- it has such a great influence on me

8) Maybe having a new place to live (cross your fingers)

9) Its my half birthday today!!! so I made frozen strawberry margharita(sp?) cake... virgin of course

10) All my friends here in VA


  1. Where are you moving? :)

    And do you really have an Etsy shop?

  2. Gina- I was going to move into Gayle Smiths garage but it is a little too small for me and no I don't have and Etsy shop haha where did you hear that?

    Debbie- Thank you!! I have to try and keep up with you!