Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lame-o Thankful Thursday

1) Nick is playing in his first golf tournament (and its raining)
2) My spin and sports circuit classes will be taking a little break so I can finally have a life on Tuesdays and Thursdays!!
3) My mom loved her mothers day gift which I was totally able to get a groupon deal for ( A picture book from picaboo)
4) eggo waffles- I have had them 2 out of the past 3 days for lunch
5) Aleve- My wisdom teeth have made my gums swell so badly... it is painful to just touch the side of my face
6) Modern Family- By far the BEST show on TV "you're still blinking honey"
7) I ran into a volunteer for the SPCA yesterday and found out they were having a spay and neuter clinic and I was able to bring Gia (our foster cat) to get spayed this morning!! no more cat pee on everything!
8) Cinnamon toast crunch- I never buy sugar cereals but I just had this urge last week. So I decided that I would leave it at Nicks house in case I ever wanted a snack... yeahh I am rushing through dinner to get to my "snack", I may have a problem

Sorry this is really lame... Its raining, I feel fat, and my teeth are killing me... and I have to teach two classes tonight. So I am thinking tonight maybe some digornio pizza and watching some greys with Nick -he just doesn't know it yet :)

PS He texted me an update that despite the pouring rain his team is 5 under par!!! woop woop- I am attributing it to the new golf shoes I got him :) and maybe his skills too lol

PPS I promise, one day I will post some picture but for now I am at the mercy of my internet at work.

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  1. We need to come up with something for the other days of the week. It stinks having to wait until Thursdays for updates. ;)