Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bachelorette Mental Picture

Every week Nick and I go over to our friends house (Debbie and Tyler)and we watch Bachelorette. The boys pretended to hate watching it with us when we first started... then they started to critique the guys and wait for it.... chose favorites! When Debbie and I were going to watch it one night while the guys were at Poker Nite, we both got the "I thought we watch that together" line from both boys!!!

So now that you understand the back story of our love of bachelorette here is how this weeks events played out.

Nick cancelled poker night at his house so we could hang out since I am leaving for NY (today!!) Debbie and I had planned on doing a girls night and getting some of our long awaited crafts done. I decided that I could not cancel with Debbie since I barely ever see that girl so the answer was that we all watch Bachelorette at 8. Let me remind you that this weeks episode was when BENTLEY came back!! DRAMA so we were all really excited about this episode since he was such a tool on the show.

So Nick texts me that he will be over for dinner at 745, I text him back saying that we are going to have to pound down dinner to make it over to Debbies for Bachelorette. So Nick arrives at 750 and we start to eat. We figure that the Bentley part wont be until the middle or the end of the show. So at 810 we start to stroll to the car to head over to Debbie's house. I get a phone call and its Debbie saying to hurry up and that Bently is on right now!! I told Nick and we start speed walking to the car, he guns it to their house and as we pull into driveway he yells "GO GO GOOOOO!!! run!!!!!!!!!" (mind you, the car is still moving as he is telling me to get out) OMG I lost it!!!!! I was laughing so hard!! Nick, mr man ..who loves, fishing, camping, sushi, and investing was telling me to hurry up so we didnt miss Bentley on the Bachelorette!

I hope you all enjoyed that mental picture as much as I enjoyed the real thing.

What were your bachelorette thoughts?

My choice for the winner....
1) JP
2)Ben F


  1. I'm Team JP!! I might have a slight crush on him! ;)

  2. My choice is JP too!!!!! I like Ben F as well. I also liked Blake, but she NEVER would give him a chance. ugh. I agree with the boys, Ryan has got to go. He's clearly annoying. But honestly, I think this season is a lost cause. I doubt she'll end up with any of them. Perhaps JP should be the next bachelor...

  3. Haha! That is so funny! I got my guy into watching it too, but instead of picking out favorites he picks out his least favorite and spends the whole time trying to figure out who Ashley will kick off. When West got the boot, he went so far as to do a little victory dance.

    I love JP! How romantic was that Hong Kong date? *sigh*


  4. Tyler and I just read this post! I love it, too funny!! I miss you come home already ;)Xoxo

  5. Hilarious!! I hate Bentley more than anything in the world. Why is Ashley so caught up on him!!

  6. Hahaha! Funny thing... i thought the Bentley part was going to be later than it was too! I had to watch online because I was late heading to my mom's to watch it!

    Cute blog! I am your newest follower! (:

    oh and I want JP too!

  7. love love love JP girl :) And I had to share that I love your blog and your pictures! You and your man are super cute! xo So glad I came across your blog!

  8. Oh my gosh! That is too freakin' funny! I love how guys try to act all manly and pretend to hate all reality shows minus like Ax Men or whatever. :o) When secretly, they love the drama-filled reality shows just as much as we do! ;o) My husband and I can't get enough of this new one...'Love In The Wild'. It's hilarious!