Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Lovin...

Nick and I love to go to the pool, one of my favorites is his sister in law's parents house.
Nick's brother Corey (on the right) dared Nick to jump through a kids tube... Nick never backs down from a dare...
Nick and I at The Quarter in Roanoke. Its a really cute New Orleans style restaurant
We love the atmosphere, and the food
Me downing a coke zero after eating Indian food
Nick and I watching the Indian Festival
Bhel and some weird fried spinach thing... the bhel was really good but had some kick to it
Nick threatened me if I posted this picture of him... only time will tell. I dont think he even knows the link to this blog haha But for kicks I will do a disclaimer
*Nick does no look like this in real life, its a mix of 90 degree weather, hot food, and his despising of taking pictures of him eating*
Dancing!!! It was so much fun to watch, I just loved the culture. There were some old people tearing it up out there
We love to try and vary up our dates so Nick found and Indian festival in downtown Roanoke... We had never been to anything like it. We had a great time!
Please excuse the 100% humidity hair happening in all of these pictures...
Have you guys gone to any festivals lately?
Tried Indian food?
Downed an entire can of pop because your mouth is burning off when you know the person you are "sharing" it with is prob having their tongue burnt off as well? :)


  1. You two are the cutest! I love all the fun dates you guys come up with. Xoxo :)

  2. This looks like fun! My parents just moved to India this past January. It's been a culture shock for them, for sure! I'm not so much a fan of Indian food, but I love the cultural aspect of the country! VERY different than what we are used to here!

  3. if you are still looking for help on your layout, i would love to help! i do blog design but i'd love to make you a simple little layout for free if you still wanted help :)