Monday, August 1, 2011

That Girl...

Ok so I am a total blog copy cat and I have been seeing a lot of these posts basically I just throw a bunch of random facts about myself and then you should comment :) jk (but seriously you should)
I'm that girl who secretly envies EVERYONE who is engaged, married..etc
I hate when people.... crack their knuckles/any body part for that matter, say the phrase "you know.." chew loudly, burp/fart, take a hundred years in the drive through, dirty cars, wrinkled clothes at church, poor grammer, hate on body attack without even coming to the class cause they know it would kick their trash... and many more :)
I dig out all the cookie dough from chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream ... YUM
Secretly I would love to be a stepford wife... .look fabulous, be able to cook anything, live in a gigantic house... etc
I love to cuddle
I am a sucker for my neices and nephews...
I judge people when there children are running around like maniacs in public
I have a ton of clothes but I always feel like I have nothing to wear...
I can be really really shy
Sometimes I act like I dont see people if I think they may not say hi or wave back to me
I must sing in the car... no matter who is in there with me
Nick and I would both leave each other for Jennifer Aniston
I thoroughly enjoy meatloaf...and Debbie's taquitos
I feel guilty about the way I acted when I was a teenager... hopefully I can make it up to my mom lol
I am a trashy TV addict.... give me some bachelorette, greys anatomy, and keeping up with the Kardashians ANY DAY
I am scared of divorce
I have never left wal mart without buying at least one thing
I am soooooo scared of throwing up, getting stung by a jelly fish or getting eaten by a shark
I am half French (my mom is straight of the boat/plane) and my dad is American with European background and people always ask me if I am Greek...or Lebanese... Switched at birth?
Please do not judge me for some of these hahaha


  1. I won't judge :) mainly because i do the same/feel the same way with at least half of the listed things!

  2. I can relate to so many of these things except instead of being afraid of being eaten by a shark I am terrified I will be mauled and eaten by some woodland creature. . . like a bear.

  3. I pretty much agree with everything on here! haha. And I LOVE that you would leave Nick for Jennifer Aniston! bahahaha. You crack me up!