Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thankful Thursday

ok so I apologize for the totally depressing post earlier in the day.
What better way to beat the blues than to make a list of the good stuff in my life soo here goes....
Thankful for...
1) My job, I love it and my coworkers are the bomb
2) Chocolate covered pretzels... they satisfy all my cravings... sweet and salty goodness
3) My awesome family who continue to support me
4) I found a roommate!! woohoo no more months of paying all the rent and utilities
5) having a fun weekend visiting Atlanta last week... I will post pictures soon
6) Spin classes are going great! but I get a 3 week break that I am def looking forward to.
7)My coworker was in a little fender bender but she doesnt have a scratch
8)watching all the seasons of Friends... pure bliss if you ask me.... oonagie (I cant spell it)
9) All you followers who comment!! I seriously love you .... I try to comment back but whenever I go to look at it, my comment disappears. So please know that somewhere in cyberspace I have commented back to you and just picture a huge grin on my face because you showed some lovin'
10) Gracias to all the people who listen to my whine and complain and vent about relationship crap... One day it will stop... hopefully :)
11) Myrtle Beach is in like 3 weeks!!!!!!

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