Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lovers Weekend in Richmond

We went to the Virginia Derby for a few hours shhhh we bet on a few horses... it was just a couple dollars... this was when I thought we won some money hahaha... please appreciate my gorgeous new pearl earrings and bracelet from Nicholai... LOVE THEM. I forgot to take pictures of the boat shoes I got Nick as well as the Adele CD, mine isn't as romantic as Nick's but he has been wearing those shoes everyday so I think I did alright :)
The racing began
The lady from Secretariat! the real one!
me and a fake horse.... PS those are the Jcrew shoes I got 2 weeks ago from Mr Man
I love this picture... even though we were sweating so badly... PS is he not the most adorable chico?... what at cutie pie
We did a canal ride... it was hotter than a mother on that thing... whew

We found this little restaurant called the Tobacco Company... we didn't have time to eat there but it is on the list for when we come back to Richmond

Well my memory card was full so I didn't get to take pictures of the holocaust museum or this incredible garden (Maymont) or cheesecake factory.... HEAVEN!!!!!!!! I am still eating bites of my vanilla bean cheesecake ... I don't feel as guilty about it if its over a few days


  1. you look adorable and it looks like you had fun, have a great week girl!

  2. How fun!!! I've always wanted to a horse race!! I so saw the Secretariat this weekend!! How funny... great movie!! Love the pictures!!