Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm a sewing MACHINE....

First to cut your pillow form out on your fabric, then lay a piece of texture magic on top, figure out what kind of design you would like. The larger the design the less scrunched the fabric gets
This is found at quilting stores, its called texture magic... its awesome!!

I forgot to take a picture of me sewing, but you sew along your design lines, mine were in a diamond pattern
The next step is to hold your iron over the fabric (DO NOT TOUCH IRON TO FABRIC) and steam the crap out of it... I steamed so much my mom's fire alarm went off... twice
Just keep on steaming... and steaming...
VOILA!!!! Awesome looking fabric, Next step is to sew the rest of your pillow (like the back)

Here are two little beauties that I whipped up on my weekend home ... I am quite proud.... Nick doesnt really appreciate them since they take up a bunch of room on the couch and I forbid him to use them as pillows.... Men just do not understand...
Also please appreciate the McCalls pattern laying on the couch... that is 1 of many wedding dress patterns my mom has for my future... yup I am officially "that girl"


  1. hahaha. I love that you forbid him to us the pillows as pillows!! They are super cute though! Good work!

  2. oh...pretty! i love it-and i love the wedding dress plan, as well :)

  3. Happy anniversary! It will come at the perfect time I am sure. I waited nearly 6! Haha! I was really glad I did, but everyone's situation is different. I am sure it will be really special for you when it happens! (: