Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

This will be a quick one since I have to go teach my spin class in like 15 minutes.
1) My friend Debbie found out she is having a baby girl!!! Just like she wanted soooo we get to make a million little crafts for this child
2) I got a hair cut and color.... Dear heavens I look a lot better I didnt realize how badly I let myself go, I stopped get checked out by people at wal mart! So I went and did the wal-,mart test to day and I'm BACK! (I am legit not that conceided I promise, I just felt like being a little whitty and a tad honest :))
3)I went to the dentist today and I have perfect teeth!! woot woot... the wisdom teeth get to stay in my mouth and I dont have to pay for fillings... NOTTA!
4) Tomorrow is FRIDAY
5) This weekend is mine and Nick's anniversary... 4 years people!! I was hoping for some bling a ling but I have a feeling its not gonna happen... but you can wear your pj's backwards and make a wish for me anyways :)

6) My spin class is growing!! woop woop If anyone has any music suggestions PLEASE let me know... I am getting sick of my mixes

7) Care packages from my sister-in-law ... I will have to take pictures of the poka dot bakeware she got me... to die for

8) Craft night with the McCurdy's!! and Debbie is making my favorite food taquitos!

9) The weather is only low 80's instead of 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMEN to that


  1. i'll definitely pray something good happens this weekend ;) if not i'm sure you'll get a GREAT proposal soon! and yay for good weather :)

  2. I will be wearing my pajamas backwards and inside out all weekend - c'mon Nicholas. Bah!