Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Bonjour Mes Amis!
I have actually remembered to do my thankful Thursday and for that I am Thankful :)
1) I got to visit the fam over the week... I think my brother should ship my neices and nephew to me.... I LOVE THEM!
2) My boyfriend is the cutest thing ever! When I got back from my trip I was greeted with a JCREW bag.. inside... 1 seer sucker bathing suit andddddddddddd a-frickin-dorable grey heels that will be posted shortly... if that doesnt score him some brownie points I dont know what will
3) I got to spend some time with my friend Sandy who I have barely seen since high school ... we picked up exactly where we left off
4) Carbona stain remover- Look it up if you dont know what I am talking about.. The cute little chico in my pictures decided to squeeze some mulberry's on his aunt katies shirt... her ruffly pink shirt that looks awesome with everything and made her super sad when she found berry stains all over her after she was already sitting down at the cutest little restaurant... I have had carbona soaking on this shirt for 24 hours... and NO STAIN it is seriously incredible
5) Fruit Salsa... Nicks cousin-in-law made us some last week and we pounded it down... She served it with cinnamon sugar tortilla chips... HEAVEN
6)My mom- she was so dang cute when I was home We got to spend 2 hours in JoAnne Fabrics. She was probably like like "my daughter had the noodle dream!" (Kung Fu Panda reference for those of you not cool enough to have seen it) except insert and substitute "noodle" with "crafting"
7) Abbotts Frozen Custard- Its a hometown favorite... it is seriously the greatest thing to ever touch my lips and they now make it in cookies and cream flavor!!!!!!!! woot woot!


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  2. What a great boyfriend, I'd loooovee to get that surprise. I'm also a J.Crew-aholic. And I'm with you on the fruit salsa, its the perfect summer snack.

    Emily @

  3. a boyfriend that gives ya jcrew? that's a keeper :)

    and just followed your blog and loving it! can't wait for more!

  4. Your boyfriend certainly does spoil you! Thanks for stopping by my blog--I love yours, especially the title!