Thursday, September 22, 2011

Awesome and Awkward


  1. Putting on self tanner and needing to go wash your hands... not knowing if your roommate is home... weigh the options- smear sunless tanner or be seen butt naked by your roommate...  I chose to be seen butt naked ... Fortunately she was not home
  2. Eating breakfast at 11am going to work at 1:30 eating lunch at 4 and dinner at 9:30...  thank heavens it is the last day of crazy work schedule for a while.
  3. deciding to try to wear my retainers because my wisdom teeth have decided to grace my mouth with their horrendous presence... and then waking up and not finding my retainers in my mouth... 2 nights later finding then in my sheets.... so nast
  4. taking cher to the vet and being super proud that the vet says she is perfect... I feel like the weird cat lady down the street
  5. Having to pick up cher's prescription and when the pharmacist asks for the name... I try to whisper "Cher"... doesn't hear me so I just have to use a normal tone and not look around at all the old people judging me...Come to find out they wrote her name down as Chv.. causing more of a scene when I have to repeat that this is for my cat and her name is cher...blah blah...   I am still debating which is worse... naming your cat Cher? or buy prescription medicine for a cat?
  1. Getting emergency text messages from nick because I wasn't home to watch the modern family premiere... He planned on calling work to get me to come home sooner hahaha
  2. Blueberry muffins... they are quickly becoming my drug of choice
  3. My size two jeans are not as tight as last year... whoop whoop!!!!!!
  4. Having a meeting with my bishop and he says "would you like to serve in the church?" so I say "I guess" he says "we would like to call you to be in the ward choir" I stammer "Have you HEARD me sing?"  he says "did you hear THEM sing!?" hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!  the BEST line I have ever heard come from a bishop
  5. Making chocolate chip pancakes and watching 4 episodes in a row of Burn Notice...AWESOME Sunday activity :)
  6. Discovering the joy of the post it note app on my lap top...  I am now addicted to making post it lists   Romey and Michelle  thanks for inventing the glue and the idea of making them colored :)
  7. I am getting internet at my house on Monday soooo say hello to more blog posts and finally posting some pictures!!

Gossip Girl


  1. hahahaha. Your calling is to be in the ward choir?!! Seriously?! hahaha.

  2. Your whole post just made me smile!! It was hilarious (besides the loose fitting size 2 jeans... that definitely deserves a congrats!!!).

    So excited to become your newest follower! Happy Thursday! XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights