Friday, September 16, 2011

Awesome and Awkward Thursday (yesterday) :)

1) Sharing a bed with nicks mom for a week on vacation
2) Losing my bathing suit bottoms while boogie boarding.... its true  they were down to my ankles, I didn't ask anyone if they saw... don't ask, don't tell
3) Having Nicks nephew walk in on us smooching... I am still red faced hahaha  oh well
4) Having to borrow water shoes from Wonderworks to complete a ropes course .... heaven knows what I caught in those things...  Just don't think about it Katie... don't think about planters warts, athletes foot, other peoples sweat
5) Sleeping with earplugs because the hurricane winds were so bad on our balcony it sounded like a  freight train was running through the condo
6) Forgetting to write this on Awesome and Awkward Thursday... wooopps

Awesome and Awkward!
1)Nick's mom introducing me as her future daughter in law to her random friend in the hot tub at the condo
2) Nick's niece introducing me to her imaginary friend as her aunt

1) An entire week at the beach...getting so tan that I go shopping and realize that i forgot to put on make up and then not caring about it
2) BEACH HAIR... nough said
3) Lunch and dinner on the pier.. it was utter bliss!
4) talking with Nick for 5 straight hours on the way back from the beach   from 8pm-2am...
5) Nick made me a "stay awake mix" while I was driving the last leg of the trip... complete with Ricky Martin, Shakira, Taylor Swift and Glee
6) my coworkers and I coming up with stripper names for an hour
Rock-L Wild....  Anastasia Love... Saf-fire Melody...Jazz-myn Allure... Ja'Nayzia Champagne... Rocks-ann Kandy...  hahahaha  it was a great time
7) Having one of my spinners wear a heart rate monitor/calorie counter and finding that my Monday class she burnt over 800 calories and yesterday she burnt 682... yeaaaaaa  AWESOME
8) Debbie brought me Oreo cheesecake yesterday!

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