Monday, October 10, 2011

Myrtle Beach... delayed :)

We started going to Myrtle Beach the first summer Nick and I started dating so this was our fifth trip.   The trip usually includes me and nick, his parents, his brother and sister-in-law, and is sister her husband and 4 kids.   We all share a condo and soak up the sun.
It is probably one of my favorite places to go and I look forward to it all year.  We especially looked forward to it this year since we had this little accident last year.

We were both in a wedding party the day before we were to leave for the beach.  For the groomsman picture all the boys were suppose to "pretend" push each other down the stairs... well as you can see things did not go well.  Nick was on the ground with a dislocated ankle in the middle of DC... let the good times roll

Here he is in the ER
Poor guy on crutches at the beach
OH it was a beauty
Nick about to fall to his ankle's death

 So here is Myrtle Beach trip 2011!!!!!!!!!  Accident and Injury free apart from Nick getting super sun burnt from Wal-mart brand sunscreen...

 Nick and I hit up the arcade on our last night... we were racking in the tickets on this weird hit the chicken with a ball game
 Hello enough tickets for a teddy bear... hello
 Cheesing it up a Margaritaville
 I got to drive the Chick-fil-A car at the Nascar speedway... too bad that thing was so slow I got passed twice by everyone else
 It was suuuuppper hot hence the perspiration 
 Man candy in his car
 This little kiddo thought it would be hysterical to bring all the couch cushions into Nick's room
 Us heading out to dinner at Senior Frogs
 oh yes... the hats... No worries I rocked those Minnie Mouse ears all through dinner
 ehh  I got nothing for this picture... self explanatory 
 Ahoy!!  We did a little mini golfing on the trip...  Nick won... which meant we both won ice cream from Nicks brother :)
 Tiger pose with a hole in one
 Eating lunch on the pier at Pier 14

 Trying to see our condo from the pier
Joe's Crab shack= delish

We love going to the dueling piano's when we are at the beach

At margaritaville for our last dinner :(

Some of the kiddo's in front of a bear... 

Lying on a bed of nails... it did pinch a little but other than that you don't really feel a thing

Shaking our groove thang 

Nick flexing his muscles

Nick and I snagged some dinner on our way out of town at a different pier.  It was gorgeous to just look out over the ocean...

Sad to be leaving the beach :(

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time!! Sorry to hear about Nick's ankle! Poor thing!