Monday, October 31, 2011

Unicorns and glitter!!

We got invited to a halloween party on Saturday night. So the creative juices started flowing and we became flo and mayhem.

At work this morning we had a Halloween brunch with a costume contest. Me and the popcorn tied for first! We both won a day off in December for Christmas shopping. Have I mentioned I LOVE where I work?
Flo and Mayhem
The Taco bell sauces
My prize!!
Popcorn!  I loved this costume
The Community Outreach Team
Our boss, the desperate housewife.  Included fake gun, flask of vodka, muscle relaxers, and feather duster 
Hey there bump it!


  1. You made a wonderful Flo! Love it

  2. I love your costume and how funny are the taco bell sauces! Thats so unique and different!

  3. You guys all look AMAZING! I am so sad I missed out *tear*.