Thursday, October 13, 2011

Awesome and Awkward


  1. Using the restroom and then going up stairs to change, a few seconds later hearing Nick go "wwwhhhewwww, someone stunk it up in here"   yeahhhh  
  2. Sitting on chocolate and having no one tell you...  So you walk around strutting your stuff in heel and Joe's Jeans  go to bathroom to check yourself out and LOVELY... choco cracko
  3. Waiting 6 and half weeks to trim your pedicure because the white tips are just too beautiful to trim down
  4. Getting a call from your "mom" and having your phone tell you that you missed the call, start having a conversation with Nick, give him a smoochero and hear your step dads voice come over the phone saying "uhm hello?  I'm still on the phone" bahaha
  5. Girls that I was a camp counselor for are getting married before me...  I cry a little on the inside just thinking about it.  I told Nick for every year I wait the carat in my diamond goes up...  he better get his A to a jeweler cause I hear 4 carats is pretty pricey :) 
  1. Getting a free pizza from Dominoes because they put ham on the whole pizza instead of half cheese... SO I will be eating pizza for the next 5 days
  2. iphone!!!!  crossing my fingers I can get my hands on that puppy tomorrow.  I am doubting it but i am still hoping.
  3. Texting the girl I may be buying a car from about doing a test drive and she said that she will drive the hour to me!  woop woop!  so happy to not have to drive a gazillion miles this weekend and I am hoping she will come down a little on her price and Katie will have a new car in time for her birthday!
  4. Mitt Romney during the republican debates, he spanked everyone.  I have never been more proud of a fellow Mo MO than I was of him. And no played the religion card can i get an Amen?
  5. The leaves are-a-changin here in Virginia, my drive to work is gorgeous!  I can wait to get some pictures this weekend on the parkway.  I am planning a Sunday picnic to break in our new picnic basket we bought.

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