Tuesday, February 15, 2011


If you have ever been in my room or my bathroom you will see I am a sucker for beauty anything... Anything that promises to make my frizzy curls, sleek and shiny or make my stubbly eye lashes long enough to reach my eye brows... I will buy!

So I was walking in Wal-Mart and going to my fav dept. (Nail polish) Well smack dab in the middle of a main aisle is an island of Nexxus products just for split end repair!!! The hair gods have answered!!! I just got a hair cut in December where 6 inches had to be chopped off because I had an insane amount of split ends.

So I stand there looking at the products, all of which are like $13 bucks... The one I am really looking at is an overnight serum. So I tell myself I must wait, this is not a "need". Well 2 weeks later I was still thinking about it so I felt it was time to make the investment. I bought it and tried it out 2 nights ago.

one word... FABULOUS!

I put 2 pumps of it in my hair at midnight and threw it up into a messy bun. I woke up and went to the gym (Mind you, even going on my third day not washing my hair, and this serum it did not look greasy!) When I got back from the gym I washed it out using my normal routine. I proceeded to blow dry my hair... and the moment of truth came... I check my ends and voila!!!!!! tons less split ends. I have the random few but it looks a million times better and my hair feels so healthy. I went to work and even got compliments on how great my hair looked.

My recommendation: BUY BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!!!!

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